AdWeek Magazines Get a Cat

  • by July 25, 2000
Starting in October, Adweek advertisers will have the opportunity to link their traditional media plans to the Internet, thanks to DigitalConvergence's technology, which instantly links media products to the Internet, allowing users to obtain relevant information faster.

DigitalConvergence equips printed materials and broadcasts with a barcode, which directs Internet browsers to specific web pages associated with the ad content via a handheld “Keystroke Automation Technology” called a :CueCat. When a reader swipes the :CueCat device over the barcode on the printed page, he is immediately linked to the corresponding web page.

Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek and MC subscribers will receive a CD-ROM of DigitalConvergence's :CRQ software and a :CueCat prior to the October issues arrival.

The agreement between Adweek and DigitalConvergence follows deals with Forbes magazine, Wired Magazine and Parade Magazines, which are also planning to become Internet-enhanced this Fall.



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