Toasted Cheese

I have come across the most helpful tool in my current development as a Creative Writing major. As part of an assignment on reviewing an online literary magazine, someone in my class presented on Apart from having a cool name, this website not only has awesome stories that it publishes, but it provides developing and aspiring writers with some tools to encourage their writing and editing processes.

The particular feature I'm most jazzed about right now is the daily writing prompts page. A month long calendar is displayed with a simple phrase or topic that is the day's starting point to write a page or two. I've been free writing for the month of November and feel like I have been enrolled in a creative writing class on my own terms.

There are archived prompts in case you really don't like that day's phrase, as well as some other more in depth development exercises. One feature I have not yet explored is the weekly open forum chat. Every Sunday, writers are invited to log on to chat and exchange ideas and tips.
If you already consider yourself a writer, or even if you've always felt intimidated by the "writing scene," I encourage you to log on to and check out their resources.

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  1. Tim Mccormick from McCormick Fields, November 18, 2008 at 1:17 p.m.

    thiana thank you for sharing your delight with the Toasted Cheese project. I hope that you may continue to emerge as a successfully engaged creative writer.

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