My Fab 5 Inbox

David Baker's recent "Fab 5" article inspired me to choose my own favorite mailers. I get hundreds of marketing emails and many of them impress me individually, but my Fab 5 is made up of marketers who keep me consistently engaged.

Shopping: Barneys New York
Everyone's always talking about not over-mailing -- but for an engaged customer, there's no such thing as over-mailing. I get Barneys New York emails almost every day, and while I don't necessarily look at every single one, I look often. I love the company's merchandise, and I'm amused by the sense of humor in its emails --  whether they're telling ladies what their man needs, dressing up political babies, or just being sassy.



Entertainment: Netflix
Netflix communications are incredibly helpful and amazingly accurate. They make me feel cared for. The company's email programs -- social commerce, enhanced transactional messaging, customer ratings and surveys and more --  consistently deliver the kind of attention that builds brand loyalty. And even when Netflix errs, it's quick on the draw with a strong apology email.

Pop Culture: InStyle
I look forward to InStyle's "Look of the Day" message -- it's like a piece of candy in the afternoon. I don't even need to read it; I can just look at one picture and feel entertained. The invitation to interact by voting on my favorite style is fun even if I don't take the time to partake. Whether it's Gwyneth Paltrow as a gray lady, Lucy Liu in designer vintage or a Gossip Girl in a flyaway frock, "Look of the Day" is a great splash of fashion during the nine-to-five.

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Travel: Tablet Hotels
Tablet Hotels messages are well-edited, informative and fun. They manage to carry a lot of copy while remaining clean, and they appeal to those of us looking for glamorous getaways sans stuffiness. Each message takes a special angle, enticing travelers seeking a sweet deal to forget economic woes, Hollywood-worthy accommodations for their next vacation, or a trip that's truly delicious. What wanderlust!

Business: Email Insider!
Who else, right? Folks at the Email Insider consistently offer up wisdom that's worth filing and revisiting often. Chad White's always-solid research and insights, as in his discussion, "Subject-Line Absolutes: Are There Any?" challenge our ideas about email and push us to keep considering new findings and developments. Special nod to David Baker's own "Who's In Your Fab 5 Inbox?" article, of course, for inspiring me to call out my own faves. Smith-Harmon's participation in Email Insider also gives us a valuable chance to explore and share our ideas about email, letting us dive into such fun topics as "The Sensual Shopper: Appealing to the Senses Via Email."

There are many other greats out there, of course. Who is in your Fab 5 inbox? Do tell...
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