Tracking Response to Ads In Print Pages

  • September 19, 2000
Access Internet Magazine, the world’s largest circulation Internet magazine with a circulation of more than 10 million, is launching an multi-platform program to enable advertisers to track reader response to ads running in the weekly publication.

“The vast majority of readers get our magazine with their Sunday newspapers,” says Access Internet Magazine's President John Jay. “Within 24 hours we have accumulated an enormous audience and products really begin to move off the self that Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Our goal with the Access Response program is to help advertisers understand what aspect of their advertising is working best for them. Is it the offer? Is it the ready accessibility by phone or online? Is it the creative? This program will help provide those answers.”

Here are the three elements of the Access Response Program:

Unique Phone Number: Access helps advertisers set up a toll free number (800, 888, 877) specific to their print ad in the magazine. Customers who call this toll free number are acknowledged as respondents. Advertisers will be encouraged to assign multiple toll free telephone numbers to a series of ads to track customers’ response to different creative design or product offers.



Unique URL Tracking: Advertisers can set up a specific URL within their advertisement for readers to go to such as This allows advertisers to determine where the customer originated from with exact precision. The unique URL can be changed by ad or by date so that companies can track response rates as the advertisement or product offer changes. Zip Code Response Tracking: Advertisers can compare their sales results between two distinct groups of ZIP codes; one set in which Access Magazine is distributed and one set in which Access Magazine is not distributed. The difference between sales within the two sets demonstrates response generated by advertising in Access Magazine.

Each week nearly 10 million copies of Access are distributed through partnerships with 83 newspapers in key U.S. markets. These markets represent a combination of the top 30 traditional media markets and wired markets.

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