The iPhone Chronicles: Introduction

Okay...I admit. I think I have made a mistake. I have done something that I now cannot undo and I am sorry for that. I have moved from one addiction to another. I have upgraded to the Apple iPhone 3G and I am in love. Not unlike T-Pain, who swoons to the sight of exotic dancers, I have fallen for the ultimate grown up toy.

For anyone reading this that knows me well it is understood that I rarely talk on the telephone and if I do it is for very short periods of time. This being said you also know that I rely on technology to communicate. I text, I instant message, I Facebook and so forth. The Iphone brings all that to my pocket and I think it might be a problem.

I have problems sitting the thing down. Part of this probably can be attributed to the newness and some may be contributed to the fact that I had to wait so long and pay so much to have one in my pocket, but I believe the main reason that I cannot put it down is the fact that even as a toy, it can be so useful. Yes, I said useful. Beyond all the entertainment value the iPhone provides me with all the tools of the internet combined with GPS navigation, MP3 player and so much more.

All of my daily tasks can be aided by having the iPhone in my pocket. I can send and receive important emails, look up the score and stats to the game listen to my favorite artist and find which way to go in a new neighborhood. Is it sad the I am planning a trip to the east coast to test out just how valuable this toy can be in New York, Philly Baltimore and DC?

Many toys impact your life for a small time only to end up in the corner of the closet covered in dust. Unfortunately, my I phone too will one day share a similar fate as it becomes technologically outdated, but not before I chronicle my experiences with it and share its impact on my world.

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  1. Lynne Tierney from Nightly Business Report, January 19, 2009 at 10:21 a.m.

    Getting gas the other day I was checking my email while the attendant filled my tank. When he saw what I was doing he excitedly tapped the glass and, grinning, pointed to his own iPhone. "Dont you just love it!?" he exclaimed. It was like we were part of some special club. No one makes a comment when you pull out a regular phone. But an iPhone? It isn't a piece of equipment, it's a membership card.

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