ESPN Unveils 2004 'NBA on ESPN' Advertising Campaign

A new ad campaign touting ESPN's "NBA Shootaround" program is debuting this week.

The campaign, created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy NY, features veteran game show host Chuck Woolery along with a variety of "NBA Shootaround" hosts such as Ray Allen, Stephen Marbury, and other current NBA stars. The campaign attempts to demonstrate the immense knowledge that belongs to ESPN's "NBA Shootaround" anchors as they put their NBA know-how to work in a classic TV quiz show. The ad pits the anchors versus NBA superstars as hosted by Woolery.

Through a series of rapid-fire questions, the "Shootaround" commentators Greg Anthony, Tim Legler, John Saunders, and Stephen A. Smith, show they know more about the game and athletes than the athletes themselves.

In addition to Allan and Marbury, the other NBA superstar contestants include Ray Allen, Elton Brand, Earl Boykins, Richard Jefferson, Stephen Marbury, Jermaine O'Neal, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Webber. "In true ESPN style, we created a campaign that combines humor with information while giving our fans an opportunity to get to know our 'Shootaround' anchors," said Lee Ann Daly, executive vice president, marketing at ESPN. "Replicating the classic '50s trivia game show is a fun, humorous way to provide straight-up NBA stats and trivia."

The ads will run across ESPN's various properties and is designed to appeal to other advertisers, as well as viewers, Daly noted.



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