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Jonathan Margolis

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  • president the michael alan group
  • 35 west 35th street, suite 1003
  • new york New York
  • 10001 USA

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  • Online Infiltration: Cost-Effective, But Tread Lightly in Online Media Daily on 12/23/2008

    With marketing budgets being slashed, more marketers are going guerrilla with their tactics, and the online world is no exception.

  • Which is More Flexible? in Online Media Daily on 02/23/2003

    There’s no question that guerilla marketing and non-traditional media give advertisers more flexibility than more traditional forms of advertising. In fact, it has become sooooo flexible that it has given us everything from forehead advertising to baby carriage billboards.

  • Thanks for Coming... Have a Mint? in MediaDailyNews on 10/15/2002

    While going to the movies may have gotten a little expensive, it’s still one of the nation’s cheapest, most accessible forms of entertainment. There’s little surprise then that brands & agencies alike are realizing the potential buying power of this youthful, educated, affluent, and captive audience.

  • Anyone Know Who's Doing Non-Traditional Marketing? in MediaDailyNews on 12/06/2002

    Anyone got a dictionary? The holiday season is upon us, which means spending time with friends & family. We’ll talk about our lives, loved ones, and of course, work. And, if you’re like me, you’ll try your hardest to explain to everyone what exactly it is you do every day.

  • Life on the Street in MediaDailyNews on 11/05/2002

    Countless street level campaigns are executed successfully everyday, but it’s when campaigns make the news, via stealth marketing, vandalism and trespassing, that agencies and the public alike sit up and question the method to the madness.

  • When Is An Ad Not An Ad? in MediaDailyNews on 01/14/2003

    So, it turns out consumers aren’t as stupid as some marketers thought they were. Television viewers were quick to notice that their favorite television mob boss always ate his “favorite” cereal and drank his “favorite” orange juice, and they were just as quick to notice that those breakfast products that seem so integral to the plot may, in fact, be paid product placements. Here’s the million-dollar question: Is anyone surprised by the public’s reaction?

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