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Jon Haber

Member since January 2016Contact Jon

  • Co-Founder Giant Spoon
  • Los Angeles California
  • 90036 USA

Jonathan Haber co-founded Giant Spoon, an innovation-driven marketing agency that focuses on idea-centric strategy and lives where digital, technology, and innovation collide. As winner of Mediapost’s 2014 Creative Agency of the Year, Giant Spoon has proven that it fills the gap between large creative agencies and media agencies with its award-winning work and smart thinking. Jonathan has been an agent for innovation and change at several of the world’s largest advertising agencies. He engineered new models that not only became massive businesses in their own right but also served to bring a wide variety of Fortune 100 clients into the future of marketing. Previously, Jonathan served as Chief Innovation Officer of Omnicom’s OMD. As the top innovation executive at OMD, he developed new functions in mobile, gaming, pop-culture, technology, and creativity and was responsible for leading edge brand strategies, creative media, new technology, emerging media, and all breakthrough initiatives for clients. Under Jonathan’s leadership, OMD saw exceptional growth and innovation in mobile and gaming and many of the programs he led captured recognition with over 70 awards including a Cannes Lion, multiple Adweek Buzz awards, Creative Media awards and Effies, among others. Prior to joining OMD, Jonathan was Vice President of Innovations at Initiative, where he oversaw all content strategies, emerging technology, traditional media reinvention and cross-platform creative media projects. Jonathan holds a degree from The George Washington University. He is an avid technophile, an entertainment junkie and an amateur dog whisperer. Jonathan has received numerous honors including being named Media All-Star by Mediaweek, Online All-Star by Media Magazine, Min’s 21 Most Intriguing People, and a Next Gen Marketing Exec by Brief Magazine.

Articles by Jon All articles by Jon

  • "That's Cool, But What Does It Mean For Marketing?" in MediaPost Live on 01/08/2016

    LAS VEGAS -- This is the refrain of agency grunts as we take our hungover strolls among the pleated pant masses and endless aisles of tech on display here. We tend to be an egocentric bunch in advertising and are sometimes surprised when we realize that CES is not actually built for us. Believe it or not, people are mostly here to sell technology products to retailers and suppliers. Yet we dutifully learn everything there is to know about autonomous cars, as if it is central to our jobs as advertisers.

  • Get A Life: Being Boring Is Bad For Business in MediaDailyNews on 11/05/2014

    The key to better creative brains is finding ways to harness existing passions and then synthesize them into fresh thinking for a client's business. When employees are engaged in following their interests with deep curiosity, are absorbing the seeds that will become their next big idea.

  • The Futurist: Darkness Falls on Missouri in Media Magazine on 01/31/2008

    Feb. 17, 2009 started out like any other day for Travis. He had been under siege for nearly a year, but had been unaware of it. Travis wasn't an ignorant man. In fact, he was considered very well read - even if he hadn't had the energy to pick up a book in a couple years.

  • The Futurist: Campaign Dispatches in Media Magazine on 11/01/2007

    Life on a bus is not all it is cracked up to be. I suppose that may be the difference between being a rock star and a guy running for the U.S. Senate. My bus stops in over 20 small towns a day. Keeping track of where I am would be a nightmare if it weren't for the real time GPS navigation in my BlackBerry P90--the first projection-screen BlackBerry.

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