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Kathleen Stockham

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  • Digital Channel Lead Verizon Wireless
  • Atlanta
  • 30022 USA

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  • Drag Of A Tagline in Marketing: Politics on 04/08/2014

    As the parent of a teen and a "tween," I am well aware the effect of marketing on kids and how they interpret the "messages" they unwittingly encounter 24/7.

  • Social Local - Global Target in Marketing: Politics on 03/11/2014

    For the politically minded marketer, the social media sphere is likely the best prognosticator of political flavors available. Preferences, likes, clubs, affinities and alliances can all be easily found in public profile searches. But for the street-team of pol marketers, it's even more definitive as you get to local clubs and local races to "targeting your target."

  • The Motley Household in Marketing: Politics on 02/11/2014

    As demographic and political leanings of the country change seemingly every two years, so does the notion of a one-party household. At one point, a single address in a database was strongly identified by one party by head of household. Now, thanks to non-nuclear families, grown children moving back home and even extended family members under one roof, the marketing challenge of The Motley Household is born.

  • Red, White and Euwwww.... in Marketing: Politics on 01/14/2014

    Hear that? That somber, deep reverberation as the clock strikes midnight? Birds scatter away, leaves scuttle across the pavement and anyone with a TV, Internet connection, a mailbox or social media account groans aloud at the same time.

  • Thrash & Burn CRM in MarketingTools: CRM on 12/17/2013

    A long-time e-commerce colleague reached out to me for a "cocktail and complaining" session while she was in town recently. Seems her new role as "Guru of All Things CRM" at a big retailer was becoming a bit of a hazard, thanks to her boss in the corner office who might be reading a few too many white papers.

  • Subbing In For The UnSub in MarketingTools: CRM on 11/19/2013

    I finally said goodbye to an outdoor retailer in my inbox who sent the same email three times in two days. I have not bought anything from them recently and decided I needed a break from the "we are too cool for real marketing" tone. So, while they were busy skiing on their lunch breaks, so they claim, I hit "Unsubscribe" that was (font size 2) at the bottom of their last email.

  • The Agony Of Receipt ... in MarketingTools: CRM on 10/15/2013

    I have a new car, and I took my baby in for its first oil change and "once-over" at the dealership that's close to my office. It's not where I bought the car but it is convenient to me for servicing, with a fab wifi lounge and coffee bar so I can get some work done while my hot tamale gets a checkup.

  • The King Of CRM? in MarketingTools: CRM on 09/17/2013

    I just returned from a very good conference, and on the second night of the event I found myself at a table sitting next to that most elusive but cocksure figure, the self-proclaimed "King of CRM."

  • Committing Sharknado  in MarketingTools: CRM on 08/20/2013

    Okay, sure I admit it. I added the "Sharknado" name to my column purely for the shock value and hope of trolling for clicks. However, unless you have been buried in scandals du-jour emanating from politicians far and wide you have no doubt heard a little something about "Sharknado."

  • Sunken Cake - The Amy's Baking Company Recipe in MarketingTools: CRM on 06/18/2013

    By now, you may have heard the story about the Scottsdale, Ariz., eatery called Amy's Baking Company, and the disastrous, cringe-worthy reaction the owners had to culinary "last-hope-to-succeed Gordon Ramsey of 'Kitchen Nightmares'." The owners' now-famous meltdown on camera, in the media and online is stuff of legend and is still making headlines. Going after your customers for citing their opinion is never a good thing, and feeding your "haters" is only going to multiply like ants; the more trash you put out there, the more that will show up.

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  • Social Local - Global Target by Kathleen Stockham (Marketing: Politics on 03/11/2014)

    Ha! Thanks - on behalf of the first paragraph you gotta start somewhere and finish strong. And Paula, yes I think your concerns are shared in many corners that we are reaching critical points of "group think" where content owners can elect to make diversification of opinions simply "disappear."

  • The Motley Household by Kathleen Stockham (Marketing: Politics on 02/11/2014)

    Thanks for the comments. For clarification I am neither for nor against swing state A/B split for local and /or national races personally. I only know that Pol colleagues of mine (who work in the industry) who canvass on local and national platforms have groused about this very issue are there are no "clean cut" answers. And yes Cece, you saw what I did there. I did indeed use "dialers" as jargon for robocalls chiefly because robos are so closely associated with telemarketes and I felt like no need to equate those poor telemarketers to politicians. :)

  • The King Of CRM? by Kathleen Stockham (MarketingTools: CRM on 09/17/2013)

    Thanks all - The King in his behavior alone begged to be written about as I sat on the plane coming home still shaking my head. Whether you are client side or agency/vendor side REMEMBER that only the CUSTOMER decides when enough is enough. As they decide the whole party is over is when we take our toys and go home. Until then tell "The King" it is time to leave the building. Let the innovation continue... Glad you enjoyed it...

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