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Kyle Acquistapace

Member since November 2004Contact Kyle

  • SVP Group Media Director Deutsch Advertising
  • 5454 Beethoven St
  • Los Angeles California
  • 90066 USA

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  • 2012 EFFIE Award Preview: HTC Sensation in Marketing Daily on 05/21/2012

    When HTC launched its Sensation 4G superphone on T-Mobile last year, it had one problem to overcome: T-Mobile already had 4G phones on the shelf, so Sensation was late to the party.

  • The University: Class Notes on Gen Xbox in Media Magazine on 12/29/2006

    My first semester at the University of Southern California is over. Throughout the semester, the students challenged stereotypes of media-savvy young adults. Yes, they are savvy, no doubt about that. However, they are not hard-wired to blog, podcast, and completely ignore network TV.

  • Column: The University -- New Media Old Habits in Media Magazine on 11/28/2006

    My autumn in academia continues here in Los Angeles, as temperatures plunge into the low 70s and the leaves - well, pretty much stay the same color.

  • The University: The Teacher Is Taught in Media Magazine on 10/26/2006

    This summer I was invited to teach a media planning course at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communications. After years of guest-lecturing in its hallowed halls, USC bestowed upon me my very own tweed jacket, elbow patches, and pipe. I'm now a professor at this prestigious school for journalism and communications - okay, an adjunct professor, to be precise, but my mom is still awfully impressed.

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