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Laura Patterson

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Laura Patterson is president and co-founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., a recognized leader in enabling organizations to leverage data and analytics to facilitate marketing accountability and operations, measure and improve marketing performance, develop dashboards, and enhance marketing and sales alignment in order to accelerate revenue and create a competitive advantage. VisionEdge Marketing is dedicated to helping provide practical insights that will improve and prove the value of marketing and enable marketing organizations to serve as centers of excellence. Prior to VEM, Laura’s 20 plus year career included sales and marketing in the financial services, health care, and technology industries. Laura is frequently asked to contribute marketing and branding articles to industry publications such as MarketingProfs and MediaPost and is the and the author of books Gone Fishin': Aligning Marketing and Sales, Measure What Matters, and Marketing Metrics in Action. Laura has served on several non-profit boards, provided programming for professional organizations such as the AMA, ANA, BMA, SMPS, LIMRA, IFCA and has served as a guest lecturer at various universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, Stanford University, Dartmouth School of Business, and Purdue University. Laura earned her bachelors from Truman State University and her masters from the University of South Florida.

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  • Bringing Intelligence To Content in Marketing Daily on 03/13/2014

    Just back from the Intelligent Content Conference, where I was among technical writers, content managers, content operations personnel, and information developers. Shockingly, I didn't run into a single CMO, marketing VP or director.

  • From Drab To Fab: Marketing Plan Crash in Marketing Daily on 10/31/2013

    The planning season is upon us. So develop those blueprints, collect your best tools, take good measurements, double-check your alignment, consult your experts and craft a marketing plan you and your team will be proud of -- one that will demonstrate your value to the leadership team.

  • How To Take Back The Reins  in Marketing Daily on 10/03/2013

    We all need to be solid, dependable team players, but there's a difference between collaborating (working together) and abdicating (relinquishing). If you're ready to take back the reins and re-establish your power, we have some ideas to help.

  • Creating A Change Agent Culture In Marketing in Marketing Daily on 08/27/2013

    Marketing leaders now use data, analytics, metrics, and modeling to tackle point problems and to enable organizational change. To be effective change agents, marketing leaders need to move from being a blocking and tackling organization to taking a more holistic approach -- one that integrates analytical, process, strategy, planning, and performance management expertise.

  • A Bigger Megaphone Doesn't Mean Better Marketing in Marketing Daily on 06/24/2013

    To deliver value, you must know your customer and understand their buying journey. Once you have mapped the existing and prospective customers' buying journey and organized each step into the appropriate stage, you can now begin to match marketing content with the buying process and life cycle.

  • Staking Your Category Claim in Marketing Daily on 05/23/2013

    Understanding customers' needs, wants, and buying process in a category helps marketers make better strategy, product, positioning, messaging, channel, and content decisions. By tracking a key metric of success known as category development index for various segments, you can calculate your relative performance within specific customer groups and tailor marketing programs and investments accordingly.

  • The Art of Controllership  in Marketing Daily on 04/22/2013

    The more we understand about the various parts of a business, the more we know about the sum of these parts combined and how our actions affect our peers. By brushing up -- and keeping up -- with accounting, finance, and management, you can transform your marketing organization into the thought leader of the company,

  • Three Attributes To Extend Your CMO Longevity in Marketing Daily on 03/18/2013

    As marketers, we cannot forget that the human element -- the customer -- is at the center of all things marketing. While CMO tenure varies across industries, there are several attributes that long-tenured CMOs share. By exemplifying these traits of a successful CMO, the business of marketing will become more strategic, impactful, collaborative, and customer-oriented.

  • Think Like The Competition in Marketing Daily on 02/15/2013

    As part of developing a go-to-market plan for innovations and/or market strategies, marketers consider technology, functionality, customer segments and requirements, channels and partners, pricing and promotion. Thinking about these from the perspective of your competition provides insight into their potential opportunities and possible responses.

  • Back To Our Roots For Successful Marketing in Marketing Daily on 01/09/2013

    Today's most successful companies are customer-focused and committed to creating and delivering superior customer value in their target markets. By returning to our roots we can ensure that our work focuses on creating customer value, building customer engagement, and facilitating and accelerating the buying process.

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  • Newsflash: Biz Media Again Fooled By Bogus Research by Pat LaPointe (Metrics Insider on 05/11/2010)

    Pat this study followed well practiced research methodologies - the publications had the complete report and they chose what they wanted to write in their stories, whether that is what we would have wanted published is not in our control, that's the prerogative of editors. So while you may have some good points regarding studies you picked a study that didn't represent the points you made.

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