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Matt Conlin

Member since November 2010Contact Matt

  • President Fluent
  • 33 Whitehall St.
  • 15th Floor
  • New York New York
  • 10004 USA

President & Co-Founder, Fluent, Inc

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  • Maximizing Return On Shifting Pandemic-Era Ad Budgets in MAD on 06/03/2020

    Now is a prime time for marketers to reassess the KPIs that matter most to their changing business objectives and identify the most cost-effective channels for achieving those goals. During a time of crisis, an awareness campaign that humanizes your brand can act as valuable brand-building tool.

  • Acquisition Marketing: Then And Now  in Search & Performance Marketing Daily on 04/30/2015

    Customer acquisition has long been cited as one of the very top challenges that marketers face -- more than retaining existing customers, more than measuring ROI, more than integrating efforts across channels, you name it -- and for good reasons: it can be expensive, it requires highly specialized expertise, and the vendor landscape for acquisition marketing has possibly become the most crowded box within the ever-expanding and uber-confusing ad-tech landscape.

  • Optimizing Web Sites -- Not Just For Brand Image, but For Revenue in Online Media Daily on 08/07/2009

    High performing ads are about more than just measuring the eCPM.

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