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Friday, October 12, 2018
  • What Google And Facebook Can Learn From Alternative Search

    Against the backdrop of multiple data breach scandals and GDPR, it makes sense for alternative search competitors to leverage interest in increasing personal privacy. Read the whole story

  • VAB: Brand Safety Remains Serious Problem For YouTube

    Even channels sold via Google Preferred, YouTube's premium video inventory, don't disclose data that other content providers make available. The VAB report suggests that ... Read the whole story

  • CNN Publishes Home Page Version For Hurricane Areas

    A faster-loading version of the home page, free of graphics and images, will keep those in affected areas updated with the latest storm tracker ... Read the whole story

  • Can Facebook And Google Survive The Centuries?

    No, I cannot imagine Facebook still bringing people closer together in 2264 -- or Google, or Apple. They are all products of a very ... Read the whole story

  • FCC Defends Net Neutrality Repeal

    In papers filed late Thursday, the FCC argues it has the discretion to reverse its prior rulings, as long as it provides reasons for ... Read the whole story

  • Searches Increase For Netflix Shows

    More searches could spell increased financial gains for the subscription video service, according to one analyst. Searches were up in Q3 this year -- ... Read the whole story