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Mike Henry

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Mike Henry founded OpenSlate in 2012, and has grown the company to be the leader in social video brand safety and contextual analytics. Under his leadership, OpenSlate has established a data-driven approach to measuring content quality, brand safety and subject matter. Mike has an extensive background in digital advertising, video platforms and premium content. Previously, Mike was SVP, Sales, for Veoh Networks, where he led the company’s monetization strategy and built the ad sales and marketing teams. Before Veoh, Mike held several key posts at Dow Jones & Company, including SVP of Dow Jones Integrated Solutions, the company’s cross-platform global advertising division. He was also VP, Ad Sales, at The Wall Street Journal Online, where he built the company’s first online sales, sales marketing and ad operations teams.

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  • Platforms Own Brand Safety, But Brands Must Own Suitability in Marketing Daily on 05/10/2018

    Brand suitability is subjective, and it is incumbent upon every brand to decide on a strategy that its team can stand behind.

  • A New Model For Music Videos in Video Insider on 09/27/2010

    f you watch a music video three times in a row and can't remember a lyric or chorus, there must be another reason you're wasting time at work. Such is the case with White Knuckles, the latest video from the band OK Go.

  • What's Your Video App Strategy? in Video Insider on 08/30/2010

    I recently moderated a panel focused on the intersection of apps and video (it was the video part of an app conference). It gave me the chance to meet some new people and more deeply consider what's unique about building an app to support content distribution and monetization when the content in question is video. For the panel, we focused primarily on the value of an app strategy to publishers in terms of how they produce, promote, distribute and monetize video content. Here are the key takeaways:

  • What Is Premium Online Video? in Video Insider on 07/07/2010

    For viewers, more than production value or even celebrity, premium is a matter of value consistency. If I tune into "30 Rock," there's a high probability that I will be entertained in a specific way. That is still extremely hard to find in content that isn't primarily distributed on TV first. Viewers also derive value from a shared experience on and offline. Marketers also assign a premium value to consistency -- it helps them align messages and assure that their brands are appearing in the right place at the right time. What else separates premium video from everything else?

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