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Neil Weisman

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  • EVP & General Manager Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide
  • 650 Dundee Road
  • Northbrook Illinois
  • 60062 USA

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  • Are You Maximizing Your Relationship With Patient Advocacy Groups? in Marketing: Health on 09/17/2013

    If you work on behalf of a pharmaceutical product, chances are your company has a relationship with a patient advocacy group (PAG) dedicated to the disease that product treats. Beyond your company's financial commitment, what does that relationship look like? How much do you know about the PAG, their members, and their mission? How much do they know about your company's goals? Do they trust you or are you perceived as another pharmaceutical company that is just 'in it for the money?'

  • How To Reach Parents Of The Children You're Trying To Help in Marketing: Health on 07/16/2013

    It's no secret that, while most American adults have an appreciation and fascination for healthcare and the practice of medicine, it is often accompanied with an equal - if not greater - level of skepticism.

  • A Novel Approach To Direct Mail: Lifestyle-based Analytics in Marketing: Health on 05/21/2013

    Despite the fact that our world is becoming more and more digital, direct mail can still be an effective tool for healthcare marketing campaigns. It can be highly informative, easy to track, and often an optimal way to reach older populations that don't use computers, smartphones and tablets as much as younger generations.

  • A New Look At Compliance: Building Patient Loyalty  in Marketing: Health on 03/19/2013

    Whether you're taking medication, have started a diet and exercise program, or are involved in rehab and preventive health, there is one common thread necessary for successful results: commitment. Commitment is, of course, just another way of saying compliance, the Holy Grail of healthcare.

  • Giving Your Customers A Voice  in Marketing: Health on 11/20/2012

    Philosopher Charles Darwin once said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." Even though he was not referring to business strategy or customer service, this concept applies nicely to both. It is indeed essential for any business to hear what their customers are saying about their product or service, and adapt accordingly.

  • What Drug Trial Recruiting Can Teach Us About Marketing in Marketing: Health on 09/19/2012

    Consumers today are more demanding than ever, always looking for a reason to doubt your claim or ignore your message. For marketers, the most challenging part of developing communications in this age of skepticism is identifying and crafting the reward or promise. No matter how clever or eye-catching the creative, it must have a reward or promise that resonates with your audience to generate the desired response.

  • Going Mobile: Leading Patients And Providers To MHealth  in Marketing: Health on 07/24/2012

    Mobile health technology (mHealth) offers exciting opportunities to access and administer healthcare on the go. Patients and providers alike can benefit from the explosion of mobile devices and tools being developed to improve access, increase monitoring and lower costs. But are smartphones and tablets actually being used for healthcare? How can we encourage users to do so?

  • Helping The Doctor's Office Get The Most Out Of Your Outreach  in Marketing: Health on 05/22/2012

    There are many factors that drive patients to the doctor's office, but-ultimately-the doctors are the gatekeepers of patients' prescription drugs. To achieve blockbuster success, pharmaceutical companies need to have physician ambassadors who fully understand their product and its benefits to increase their likelihood of prescribing it. The same holds true for recruiting patients for clinical trials. Clinical development teams spend considerable resources to drive patients to the physician's office to recruit them for a clinical trial. Once the inquiry is forwarded to the site, however, the pharmaceutical company must rely on the staff at the doctor's office to "sell" its research study.

  • Technology: It's Good For Your Health  in Marketing: Health on 03/27/2012

    Technology can make you healthier! Whether it's being used for closer patient monitoring, supporting lifestyle changes or providing improved access to providers, there are a number of ways that technology is being used to reinforce traditional healthcare and improve outcomes.

  • How Patient Recruitment Influences Your Healthcare Marketing in Marketing: Health on 01/24/2012

    As a healthcare marketing professional, you must understand how medications are used to treat patients in order to develop innovative and effective communication strategies. But how much do you know about how these products are brought to market? No doubt you've heard of clinical trials, but our guess is, like most, your knowledge beyond that is limited. Understanding the clinical development process will give you a deeper understanding of the products and services you are promoting, which, in turn, will make you a more successful marketer.

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