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  • How Do You Allocate Your Email Customer Acquisition Budget? in Email Insider on 08/25/2014

    How do you allocate your customer-acquisition budget? The Internet has opened up seemingly endless avenues and choices for digital B2C marketers when it comes to acquiring new customers for their email marketing campaigns. There are so many choices, in fact, that it's increasingly easy to become confused -- and because of that, to commit the cardinal sin of spending budget haphazardly.

  • Better ROI Through Re-engagement in Email Insider on 07/09/2014

    Online marketers are aware of the power of shopping-cart abandonment tools, but the reality is that solutions addressing the shopping cart alone are missing a significant number of potential sales, sales lost before the shopper adds any products to a shopping cart. How to retrieve those lost sales? Identify and pursue opted-in consumers who show interest in your ecommerce website and yet don't place items in a shopping cart.

  • Testing Is Key To Mobile Email Marketing Success  in Email Insider on 06/09/2014

    With the advent of so many new marketing channels, it's easy for marketers to question the effectiveness of email marketing -- and whether the plethora of new channels makes it harder to attract and sustain interest in an email marketing campaign, especially when it moves from the desktop to the smartphone or tablet computer. Most marketers who have been in business over the past decade are pretty good at knowing how to create engaging emails for the desktop market; but with the current movement to mobile devices, they need to unlearn a lot of what used to work.

  • Demographic Data Is Dead: Get Action Through Live Data Instead in Email Insider on 05/07/2014

    I'm going to start this column with a pronouncement: demographic data is dead, and that's why email marketing is more relevant than ever.

  • Great Email Marketing Starts With Great Acquisition in Email Insider on 03/31/2014

    Great email marketing is all about performance. Working with performance in mind is what we're all doing constantly: testing, analyzing, finding new ways to improve ROI: better inbox delivery, better segmentation, better offers. And the best email marketers add one more activity to that list: better acquisition.

  • Mobile Is The New Black in Email Insider on 03/04/2014

    Marketing technology traditionally follows communication technology: people find a comfortable way to be approached and prefer to be approached that way, so we try and connect with them via their communication vehicle of choice. But we're also currently experiencing an explosion of communications technologies. And if you're an email marketer, chances are good that your prospects and customers are already eyeing that not-too-distant horizon of new devices and new means of access while you're still scrambling to reach them on today's devices of choice.

  • Four Ways To Leverage Email To Develop A Power Brand in Email Insider on 02/04/2014

    Email marketing is at the core of developing a power brand, a compilation of impressions, experiences, and concepts that work together to create a position in the mind and sentiment of consumers. Power brands are created through a number of initiatives: planned media, press coverage, key-influencer usage and endorsements, word-of-mouth, reputation, and consistent delivery on the brand promise.

  • Best Practices For Year-End Marketing in MarketingTools: CRM on 12/10/2013

    We're coming up on the end of the holiday sales season, and every emarketer has one objective in mind: sell. Sell as much as possible, as quickly as possible. And it's working: a recent report by Custora says that by Dec. 5, sales were up 13% over last year.

  • Mobile Is The New Black in MarketingTools: CRM on 11/12/2013

    In an earlier column here, I talked about how few email marketers are actually optimizing their emails and websites for mobile, despite "knowing" that it's the right thing to do, even despite numbers showing that it's becoming the only thing to do. And as we round out 2014, the situation hasn't changed dramatically.

  • Making Your Website A CRM Tool in MarketingTools: CRM on 10/08/2013

    With all the most recent bells and whistles, with all the new gadgets and trends, online retail marketing is still about two fundamentals.

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