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Richard Hagerty

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  • CEO Impaqt
  • 680 Andersen Drive
  • Suite 2
  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  • 15220 USA

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  • Search Engine Marketing With Six Sigma in Search Insider on 02/24/2005

    Success with paid search is creating some interesting dilemmas for many companies today. In most cases, success is dependant upon the expansion of keywords, higher budgets, and a continual search for opportunities that the competition has not yet unearthed. Already data-centric, growth can often include problems and missed opportunities because there is simply too much detail to account for and review.

  • Gaining Web Site Traction With a Spanish Flare in Search Insider on 01/18/2005

    You've done it - tackled search engine marketing head-on -- and frequently attained high rankings within major search engines and directories.

  • The Rule of Three in Search Insider on 12/09/2004

    Left to their own devices, without outside intervention or government controls, industries evolve in a fairly consistent pattern.

  • Search Marketing and the Need for Business Intelligence in Search Insider on 09/21/2004

    Search marketing is still in its "wet cement stage." As it gets more mature, the amount of data to manipulate to actually make sense of a search campaign for marketers will grow exponentially.

  • Mobile Search Is Almost Too Good to Be True in Search Insider on 10/20/2004

    I have always been an "early adopter" of technology, one of those guys who runs into a colleague's office saying "You've got to see this!"

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