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  • DMA vs. Tornado: Place Bets Now, Will Give 5:1 Odds in MediaDailyNews on 08/13/2003

    The Alternative Response Media Council, the part of the Direct Marketing Association that concentrates on newspaper inserts, will announce a new name on September 10.

  • Clients from Hell: The Tip-Off in Online Media Daily on 08/05/2003

    When Kmart was finished going bankrupt, suing and getting sued by its former agency of record and allowing their marketing department to flee, it naturally came to the conclusion that its next agency relationship should be structured in a more short-term, project-based, haphazard fashion.

  • IBM and Cisco: A Headache for O&M? in Online Media Daily on 03/10/2003

    Two great tech behemoths have new ad campaigns, both of which are great joys to watch. IBM’s boardroom-based satires of technology pitches works on many levels, and Cisco’s campaign brings the company back to reality. Both campaigns spring from the head of Ogilvy & Mather, but rather than having one idea spring Athena-like from the head of Zeus, O&M gave birth to twins, and it’s not at all certain that they won’t fight amongst one another.

  • Your Work Will Be Harder for Being Online (But it Builds Character) in Online Media Daily on 03/02/2003

    In a fit of lucidity, Jim Meskauskas gave some great reasons as to why the strange upfront manner of purchasing broadcast media harms advertising clients and functions mainly as a device to produce less work for lazy agencies through the acceptance of artificially high costs for their clients. But at least in the traditional media, the fact that the media is bought months in advance does not spoil its effectiveness.

  • Some Quick Notes on Week's News in Online Spin on 02/06/2003

    Spam, Gargantuan Banners and the Free Shipping Ad Absurdum. Discuss.

  • AOL Disgraces Internet in Online Spin on 01/31/2003

    First, the Bush Administration’s SEC poked several large holes in the legislation Congress passed to try to make financial fraud more difficult. Then, just a few days ago, AOL dropped the other shoe on its write-downs, claiming another few tens of billions of dollars in losses. What does it all mean?

  • Tobacco Taxes Equals Mob in MediaDailyNews on 05/12/2003

    I used to be worried that corporate America was allowed too much power in political debates, but then Lorillard's new ad campaign about tobacco taxes came around and proved to me again that they are only their own worst enemies. Where I once feared that companies could drown out other, less-monied groups, I now realize that this presupposes that those companies are intelligent about their messaging efforts.

  • Branding Tobacco in Online Media Daily on 04/21/2003

    A decade ago, tobacco companies made the almost-fatal mistake of ignoring a certain branding audience. These companies were some of the best at product marketing and brand management, but they failed to understand that there was also a political audience.

  • Yahoo! Has a Branding! Problem! in MediaDailyNews on 04/15/2003

    While Yahoo! succeeded in turning lemons into lemonade, taking unsold inventory and using it to support in-house businesses to help monetize their traffic, the ads they run to do this are quite terrible. The net effect of seeing so many Yahoo! ads (they seem to have invaded every category) leads to a cheesy brand impression. They run the risk of becoming the K-Tel of online advertising, which isn't a very good creative corner in which to paint yourself.

  • The Singularity Fallacy in Online Spin on 02/21/2003

    Narrowing down creative executions to the most successful can lead advertisers down a dead-end path. Interpreting creative results isn’t just about what ad made how much of a return on investment. It’s also about discovering the very mechanisms that make people interact with the advertiser’s brand and makes them purchase. This process should lead to a profusion of additional creative concepts and executions – not lead to a winnowed down, “optimized” few.

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