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Craig Douglass

Member since October 2011

  • Executive Creative Director Digitas Health
  • Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • 19103 USA

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  • Finding New Ways To Be Fearless in Marketing: Health on 12/09/2016

    Healthcare marketing is in the midst of a dramatic transition. This transition is being dictated by the behavior and preference of the patients and physicians we serve. While we are generally less dependent on mass media, we are still very much under its spell. The allure and tradition of mass media continues to shape strategies and execution in ways that we may not realize.

  • How To Be Brave in Marketing: Health on 08/14/2015

    Fear. It's kryptonite to creativity. It sucks the life out of the new and interesting. Given the demand for new thinking and innovation, you'd think we'd have figured out how to shake it. Maybe we could, but our fear of the unfamiliar kicks in and stop us. It's a disheartening contradiction.

  • Healthy Creative (For The Non-Creative) in Marketing: Health on 09/09/2014

    It will come as no surprise that I spend the majority of my time with creative types. That's mostly because it's my job, but also because they're a ton of fun. (Which may be why it's my job...) We share a love of ideas and a fascination for where ideas come from and the process of realizing them.

  • Hooray For Healthcare  in Marketing: Health on 12/11/2012

    As a popular boogieman in the last election cycle, healthcare got beat up pretty good. In marketing circles, healthcare has always been the ugly stepchild to the alluring worlds of fast food, beer and fabric softeners.

  • Marketing To Cyborgs  in Marketing: Health on 06/08/2012

    This past March at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, one of the world's renowned futurists, Ray Kurzweil, declared "health" an information technology. The genome is complete, and the era of personalized medicine has begun. Biology will begin to adhere to his famous "Law of Accelerating Returns."

  • Pharma Marketing Had A Party ...  in Marketing: Health on 10/14/2011

    ... and everybody went home early. They might have overlooked the stale chips and flat soda, but they couldn't tolerate the tiny apartment and a host who wouldn't stop talking about himself.

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