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Alan Chapell

Member since April 2004

Alan Chapell, CIPP, is president of Chapell & Associates, a consulting firm that advises ad serving, online profiling, and downloaded executable software companies on issues of consumer privacy. He has been in the interactive space for more than 8 years with firms such as Jupiter Research, DoubleClick and Cheetahmail. Mr. Chapell is the New York chapter co-chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and publishes a daily blog issues of consumer privacy.

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  • An Open Letter To The Online Publishers Association in Publishing Insider on 07/17/2014

    Recently, Jason Kint of the Online Publishers Association wrote an op-ed on Do Not Track. In an attempt to paint the OPA as a leader in privacy and Do Not Track initiatives, Mr. Kint accused members of the third-party advertising technology community of "stonewalling the development of a 'Do Not Track' standard which would, in theory, give users greater control over online tracking." It would otherwise be commendable that Mr. Kint is taking a stand on privacy, except for the fact that Do Not Track doesn't stop OPA members from tracking. There's not a single thing that members won't be able to do when they see a DNT signal. And that's by design, as a result of a clandestine agreement between large first parties within the World Wide Web Consortium -- the standards body that is attempting to create the Do Not Track standard.

  • The Value Of Strong Self-Regulation in Online Media Daily on 12/07/2011

    It might be helpful for some new business models to adopt a privacy-by-design approach that's so in vogue in regulatory circles.

  • Second Look: Stanford Research On Digital Information in Online Media Daily on 10/17/2011

    The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford just issued research about privacy and Web sites. Rather than check the accuracy of the claims, the press and blogosphere just published stories with sensational headlines.

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  • Will A Real Advertising Conference Please Stand Up And Can the Rest Sit Down? by Jeffrey Lebowski (Online Media Daily on 06/07/2010)

    The Dude makes a very valid point here. I think that almost every event company could do a better job of delivering high quality content. Some shows are better at it than others. The thing that I'm baffled by is why the Dude went after Weaver. I don't know Doug. I didn't make it out to this iMedia, but I did catch a video of Doug's presentation. For the record, I thought it was fantastic - insightful, well thought out, and entertaining. I recognize that others may disagree - and that's one of the things that makes this industry so interesting. But to call him out publicly and question both Doug's and iMedia's credibility anonymously is just poor form. And frankly, I question Mediapost's editorial judgment for enabling this nonsense in the first place.

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