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  • A world without Skype in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/01/2011

    Two of my really good friends live in Indianapolis. I, on the other hand, am confined to the land of Ball State University. Another one of my friends lives in Evansville where she now works as a nurse (I guess that's what I get for befriending people older than myself.) At this point I'd give [...]

  • When personal and virtual networking worlds collide in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/29/2011

    As a public relations student, I am always, always, always told by my professors that networking is key. And as I continue my job hunt for post-graduation, I am reminded of this time and time again. The job hunt is daunting. It really is. I tell at least one person once a day, "I don't even [...]

  • The give and take of social media and technology on the music world in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/29/2011

    In my very first blog, I confessed my love for Pandora radio and the music it has introduced me to. For quite some time I would only listen to the Regina Spektor radio station. And I was beyond content with that. But that station hasn't gotten much play from me lately. Anyone that is a Facebook [...]

  • Once more, with feeling in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/25/2011

    This is my first blog for Notes From the Digital Frontier and I feel that I should get something out of the way. A confession. I confess that I judge people. Or maybe a better term would be: "size people up." I've come to realize that I can gauge how well a person and I [...]

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  • QR Codes and iBooks by James (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/03/2011)

    I can't even explain to you how disappointed in myself for not knowing what a QR code was. As a (soon to be graduating) PR major myself, I'm pretty pumped to look out for the use of QR codes in marketing efforts...if not suggesting them myself. Thanks for informing me! You'd think people in my department would have mentioned them from time to time...but as far as I know, no one really has.

  • My Professor Doesn't Know What the Internet Is by austin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/29/2011)

    I once had an older economics professor who didn't fully understand how to navigate his way through the internet. It completely baffled me because he was clearly highly intelligent. Whether or not he knows how to utilize technology, he will always be an intelligent and seasoned professional, so I believe that there will always be a place for him in the educational world. HOWEVER, as I wrote many weeks ago in a blog of my own, the use of technology and media made me love history--a subject I have hated for longer than I can explain. So while some professors may have very dry, very plain lectures that also adequately drive home the points that they are trying to make, I believe that technology and media are tools that can only help.

  • Think before you Tweet by laura.r (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/23/2011)

    It sometimes amazes me that people DON'T stop to think what impact their social media habits can have on their future. Have we not heard it enough? Apparently we never will. Social media isn't just for fun--it can and should be used wisely as a tool to enhance ourselves professionally.

  • Hollywood's biggest night by austin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/02/2011)

    I was indifferent to the younger hosts as well. They were a nice change, but I don't think they were enough of a change to the entire show to make that much of a difference; the Oscars are still the Oscars, no matter who hosts. But I, too, am glad when I hear that more people than I realized are excited about the ceremony.

  • It all started with the Big Bang... by laura.r (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/24/2011)

    I'm glad to know that media has made you love a tough subject as well! Add a little entertainment via media to anything and it's infinitely better than it was in its most natural of forms.

  • My Cheatin' Heart - A Generationally Defined Technological Mishap by jessie (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/09/2011)

    First of all, I love most other humor blogs/sites that develop popularity overnight only to fizzle out later. There are too many worth looking at to stay devoted to one for too terribly long. Second, my roommate's boyfriend works at a nursing home teaching the elderly people that live there how to work technology, the internet, and social media sites like Facebook. The stories about these people are adorable. They may be clueless, but at least they're trying! So many kudos to them for that.

  • A Generational Disappointment by jessie (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/25/2011)

    I had a small blue flip phone for far longer than the rest of my friends. It survived a trip into a large amount of water and continued to serve me well for years after. The only reason I switched phones was because I was given a new one by a family member. My new phone has a full keyboard and that's about it as far as fancy features go. All of my friends continue to get more advanced phones with internet access and what not, but I tell every single one of them, "I never want a phone with internet. It'd be bad news." Not having an up-to-date phone allows me to disconnect from media and technology long enough to focus on what I need to get done at any given time. I fully support that little phone of yours.

  • Once more, with feeling by Lisa (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/25/2011)

    If they march to the beat of the same drummer and sing from the same hymn book, I am happily right there with them! I guess you can say I've found my people. And you're both right. Pandora IS always there for you...which it should be and will be because music discovery and collaborative filtering work so well together.

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