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Morgan W.

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  • Why Don't We Click on Pop-Up Ads? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/18/2011

    In an age of digital everything, it is not a surprise that advertising has been working its way into the digital sector as well. Types of Internet Advertising: -Social Media -Email Advertising -Website Promotion And the type I find most ineffective: pop-up ads, banner ads, and the ads specialized to our preferences on Facebook. Recent Studies Agree Apparently I am not alone. [...]

  • Coupons are Going Paperless in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/25/2011

    Recycle Go Green Save the trees Paperless All of these are phrases we hear on a regular basis. Our professors tell us to email our assignments to them, our campus promotes recycling; we are surrounding by advertisements every day that promote protecting the planet. I try to take this into consideration. I print double-sided, I email homework to [...]

  • Twitter: More than just Facebook statuses in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/21/2011

    I have been extremely naive about Twitter. I saw this form of social media as the equivalent of a Facebook status update and that was it. I saw Twitter as the perfect form of social media for people who only wanted to tell their friends what they were doing at each point of their day, [...]

  • Social Media and the Cell Phone in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/24/2011

    I, as many other college students do, am constantly checking what is happening in my friends' lives on Facebook. I check in between classes, after classes, and before I go to bed at the least. Times are changing though, and now we are not even restricted to seeing what our friends are doing from [...]

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  • A world without Skype by Lisa (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 05/01/2011)

    Skype is a great way to communicate when you want to keep in contact with people who live far away, but I would agree that moderation is key. When away at college we need to make sure we are spending time with those people that are here with us and not neglecting those friendships for ones at home. Skype is a great tool, but there are good sides and bad to any new technology.

  • Home Videos or... No Videos? by jessie (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/27/2011)

    I love looking through old home movies! It's so much fun to be able to look through these videos and see whole dance recitals, t-ball games, and birthday parties. Pictures are great, but I agree, it is much better to have video footage to watch years later.

  • Virtual Classrooms? by justin (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/30/2011)

    I'm glad to see other professors are doing this too. I have had class a couple of times this semester by posting on the class discussion board. We stayed on our computers during class and just posted the topics we wanted to talk about which was really interesting. I don't think I could do this for every class because I like to be able to see the person I am talking to, but it definitely works well for the times professors have to go to conferences or are out of town. Students are still able to receive value from the class, but are not forced to find a time to reschedule or other outside of class options. In my opinion, meeting on the web will become more popular in these types of situations.

  • This Boring Life by whitley (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/02/2011)

    I am really impressed by this. I mean, I'm sure it is really tough to be without all of these forms of technology we have all grown so accustomed to, but I honestly don't know if I could do it, so I am really impressed by this. I stayed off of Facebook for the month of February and that was difficult at times, but I definitely understand the benefits of being more productive. Hopefully this all gets worked out for you, but in the meantime, keep being productive!

  • The #1 reason why you SHOULDN'T buy an iPhone by James (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/17/2011)

    This is an interesting post. Although I am a full-time student right now, and don't have an employer who is emailing me at all hours, I can definitely see where this would be a problem. I see this with professors and other students in my classes now, even though not everyone has a smart phone of some kind. The professors and other students will send emails within an hour of class beginning and expect that the email will be read and the instructions followed. This is not always possible. I don't sit by my computer waiting for an email, and sometimes I am not near a computer at all (like in another class.) My point is, many people do have smart phones now, but if the students who do not are given some slack when they don't see an email that was sent right before class, the student with a smart phone should not be reprimanded for not responding to an email even if they did receive the message immediately on their phone. This should also be the same in the workforce in my opinion. An employer can email you whenever they feel like it or have time, but if you are an hourly employee, you should have the freedom to respond when you are by the computer at work.

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