Twitter: More than just Facebook statuses

I have been extremely naive about Twitter. I saw this form of social media as the equivalent of a Facebook status update and that was it. I saw Twitter as the perfect form of social media for people who only wanted to tell their friends what they were doing at each point of their day, and didn’t care as much about the pictures and visuals Facebook offered.

As you can probably tell from my statement above, I do not have a Twitter account.

I recently learned though that Twitter is much more than that. I learned that Twitter can be a valuable asset to spreadable media. We sometimes write a blog post or an article or find one on the internet that we would really like for other people to see, but we struggle to find a way to do that. I may print copies for my friends and family, or email it to people I think would like to read it, but I could tweet instead.

How many times have we received chain letters via email, or a website that someone thought was funny or interesting that began filling our email inboxes? This quickly becomes extremely irritating! Twitter is a great solution to this problem and it doesnt involve filling anyone’s email.



I'm discovering that Twitter provides a channel for media to spread throughout the internet and to many different people who may have never seen the article, blog, or website originally. This is great for the funny websites and YouTube videos that we think everyone needs to see, but also for businesses.

Even though I don’t yet have a Twitter account, I am definitely considering it because of the great things it can do in the business world. Twitter is quickly becoming a main form of social media and this can definitely be used in the business world as well. As a business major, I can see the benefits of Twitter and want to learn more about utilizing this media in the workforce.

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