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  • 5 Trends That Will Affect Programmatic Marketing In 2014  in Programmatic Insider on 01/16/2014

    2013 was kind to programmatic marketing. RTB display alone accounted for 20% of all digital ad spend. By 2017, it will reach 30%, or $9 billion. Does this mean we're finally reaching the age when all advertising dollars will flow through RTB pipes? Not quite. True, there promising trends that will move the needle forward, but others will hold us back at bit. Here are five trends we predict will affect programmatic 2014.

  • Native RTB: A Long Way To Go in Programmatic Insider on 11/14/2013

    Everyone's getting excited about the possibilities of sponsored content. It's no surprise, then, that companies Federated Media, OneSpot, and PulsePoint are gunning for a future where sponsored content is bought and sold at scale through the automated mechanisms and laser-focused targeting of programmatic RTB exchanges. Advertising that works at scale! It sounds great, but it's an extremely tricky endeavor. Currently, these ads are handcrafted units, the result of careful collaboration between publisher and advertiser, and thus completely antithetical to advertising at scale. So, how, exactly, do you automate sponsored content? In short, by changing it pretty drastically.

  • How RTB Enables Lifestage Marketing in Programmatic Insider on 10/17/2013

    We buy different things at different stages of our lives. That's obvious enough. But what's not always obvious is exactly when a consumer is transitioning between these stages. For marketers, knowing when these transitions take place is crucial because these are the times when consumer habits form. The products they use during these transitions will likely be the products they use for years to come. Luckily, real-time bidding (RTB) offers the perfect tool for detecting these transitions as they're happening and serving up display impressions instantly. That tool is known as Search Retargeting, and it's turning RTB into a much more sophisticated form of marketing.

  • Retargeting Growing Pains in Programmatic Insider on 08/22/2013

    Properly harnessed, site retargeting can be a fantastic marketing tool. Our problem today is that few brands and agencies seem to be getting the most out of their retargeting campaigns. Useless measurement techniques, inflated budgets, and excessive margins are undermining what should be a highly effective marketing technique.

  • Why FBX Isn't Just Display Advertising Anymore  in Programmatic Insider on 07/15/2013

    Once upon a time, many people saw Facebook's Ad Exchange, FBX, as just another source of display inventory - analogous to the Google ad exchange. But if you're still thinking that way, think again. FBX is becoming so much more.

  • How Advances In Viewability Boost Programmatic Buying in Programmatic Insider on 06/10/2013

    Marketers' biggest challenge has always been reaching the folks who want to buy their product. That's why retailers have been thrilled by programmatic marketing - a practice through which retailers can reach customers with display ads based on the site pages they visited, the content they've consumed, and even the search terms they've entered into sites like Google. Essentially, programmatic marketing is giving marketers super powers. And new advances in ad viewability are making them even more powerful.

  • Survey Points To RTB's Growth  in Programmatic Insider on 05/09/2013

    If anyone is still skeptical about the rise of real-time bidding (RTB), the recently released Retargeting Barometer should give them pause. For the second straight year, the survey of marketers and agencies found that the online advertising industry is embracing real-time bidding with open arms, using it not just to increase conversions from existing customers but also for brand awareness and acquiring customers.

  • Beyond Retargeting: The Power Of Predictive Targeting in Programmatic Insider on 04/04/2013

    The rise of real-time bidding in recent years should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the technology. Real-time bidding works because it allows the advertiser to cherry-pick a potential customer out of a pool of hundreds of millions. Once you have this tool at your disposal, the old way of serving display ads - buying a site's entire audience and hoping for the best - just doesn't make a whole lot of sense anymore.

  • Private Exchanges #FAIL in Programmatic Insider on 03/14/2013

    Private exchanges are the real-time bidding equivalent of a gated community. They are walled gardens of inventory that allow publishers to decide who exactly gets into the auction. The idea of private exchanges makes sense; it gives comfort to publishers and helps them bring high quality inventory into the world of "programmatic" buying. With tighter controls, publishers can ensure that their programmatic sales do not conflict with their direct field sales efforts. We welcome the addition of better inventory -- but the current incarnation of private exchanges is failing.

  • Secrets Of A Data Scientist: Five Strategies For Optimizing RTB Campaigns in Programmatic Insider on 02/05/2013

    Campaign optimization is crucial for any RTB-driven campaign. However, with so many variables to consider, what are the most important factors that determine a successful campaign? To get to the bottom of the question, I interviewed Clement Chung, who holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and is the lead data scientist at Chango (full disclosure: I'm CEO of Chango). Below I outline his top-five optimization tips for RTB-based campaigns.

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  • Six Things A CMO Should Know About Real-Time Bidding by Chris Sukornyk (Programmatic Insider on 10/18/2012)

    Ron - with respect to your question about the separation of site targeting and audience targeting. They are definitely not mutually exclusive! The two should (and often are) used in combination. For the purposes of this article I wanted to draw a clear distinction between the two approaches. A common request we get is for a "site list" - which defeats and limits the scale of RTB-based audience buying. A better approach is to target an audience and let the then have the system automatically refine the site list based on results.

  • Retargeting For Retailers by Chris Sukornyk (Programmatic Insider on 09/20/2012)

    Gregory, Really appreciate your comments. I agree that site retargeting has limited reach because you are only talking to your existing visitors. That said - programmatic site retargeting is a new way of making site retargeting more granular and more efficient. With respect to your comments on Search Retargeting I would have to disagree with a few of the points you made. Marketers are telling us that Search Retargeting IS the most exciting type of media solution they've seen because it bridges the worlds of SEM & Display and most importantly it delivers phenomenal results. Also, I do not agree that what you call Predictive Modeling is superior because it uses more points of data. In fact, proper search retargeting campaigns use just as many points of data as look-a-like systems. The key difference is that in addition to using multiple points of data (ie. Social + Site), everything can be tied back to a search event keyword which assists with optimization and provides the strongest signal of intent.

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