• Oath And Verizon Inspire Confidence. Not. Yet.
    If anything on the horizon can possibly challenge the duopoly of Google and Facebook in their domination of programmatic advertising, it is the new Oath. But ...
  • Digital Ads Going Self-Serve?
    In digital advertising, self-serve may be the trend. Snapchat, for one is reportedly close to launching a self-serve option for Snap ads.
  • Google and Facebook, The Duopoly
    It's hard to talk about a healthy digital ad market if two companies are so dominating it.
  • Google Groks Generation Z
    In partnership with Ipsos, Google is presenting "Generation Z," new insights into the mobile-first mindset of teens. In a lot of ways, I find its findings depressing.
  • YouTube Walks A Tightrope
    I spent serious time trolling YouTube, without an ad blocker, to test just how selective it is in its new efforts to fix inadvertent sponsoring of "extremist" videos. It appears to be a work in progress.
  • Adblock Plus Sings Kumbayah With Ad Tech
    The IAB's Randall Rothenberg is not buying that Adblock Plus has gotten the ad tech industry to play along with its very robust Acceptable Ads Committee.
  • eBay Hawks Ads
    As eBay evolves out of the auction business and toward being a major retailer of new merchandise like Amazon, an Amazon-style advertising business was probably inevitable.
  • YouTube Uber Alles
    Now that YouTube has announced a new $35 a month, 40-channel TV service, will some assert they have some unfair advantages?
  • Programmatic Radio Locks & Loads
    You may think radio is dying but it's a resilient medium; programmatic buying is a positive step.
  • The Return Of The Attack Of The Bad Ads
    Ad Lightning has come out with a study involving 605,000 examples of online ads that provide good reason for users to install an ad blocker.
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