• Fantastic Four: Comparing Agency Trading Desks' Programmatic Efforts
    The Fantastic Four agency holding groups, and their respective trading desk efforts in programmatic, have been debated, followed, loved and hated. Many have even made recent game-changing acquisitions and investments to strengthen their offerings and position for premium programmatic.Let's compare and contrast the big data and programmatic efforts of the Fantastic Four agency holding groups.
  • Google Finally Gets It
    During the Web Summit in early November, Google's global CMO, Lorraine Twohill, talked to UK marketing publication The Drum about Google's plans to move a majority of its marketing campaigns over to programmatic, saying that overall, the company is aiming for 60% to be spent programmatically. Such an announcement is huge for those of us who live and breathe programmatic day in and day out. If a company with the clout and capital of Google is moving from a direct-buy model to a programmatic one, surely other giants will follow. And more than that, they will create a demand for …
  • TV Ad Targeting Gets More Sophisticated
    At the recent OMMA Audience Targeting conference, I moderated a panel on using data and analytics to more effectively reach audiences on TV. It was clear from our discussion that advertisers, programmers and MVPDs have gotten more sophisticated about targeting ads for TV viewers -- and opportunities exist to even more effectively reach consumers and stimulate purchases.
  • Lucky 7 Big Data Doctors And Programmatic Brand Advertising
    Even though data management is a huge challenge for most advertisers and publishers, the industry is getting a handle on the must-have set of tools for DMPs and DSPs. The tough part of the big data is to prescribe solutions for brands and source different pieces of data from the web from paid, owned, and earned media. There is now a "lucky seven" of data doctors who started working in third-party data and direct response and have now moved to first-party data and branding. They have done a great job as data partners and are helping to move digital advertising …
  • How Private Deals Can Bring Better Marketing ROI
    Programmatic buying has broken through. It's more mainstream and more effective than ever, but now buyers want to know: What is this "programmatic private" thing I hear about? Does it work? And if you're already buying on the open programmatic markets, is it worth the effort?
  • Where Is Premium Inventory In Programmatic World?
    Programmatic platforms are continuing to gain momentum as an efficient way to buy and sell advertising. Still, there's been considerable debate about whether truly premium inventory is being made available in these new automated systems. By all accounts, most publishers have not committed to making their most valuable, premium inventory available to advertisers in a programmatic environment.
  • The Big Five And Programmatic Brand Advertising
    The Digital Big Five (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL) have strategically built, bought, and partnered to ensure they lead in direct digital sales as well as programmatic.
  • Latest Research -- And What's In It For Agencies
    In the fast-evolving ad tech world, new research on trends, emerging technologies and best practices surfaces every week. I'm taking a look at some of the latest research to break down key takeaways.
  • Programmatic & Big Data Nerds: It's Marathon, Not Sprint
    Everyone -- especially runners -- loves the New York City Marathon. The same passion can be felt by programmatic and data enthusiasts. Programmatic buyers and sellers are constantly sprinting for new inventory, the latest technology, reducing costs, fighting for more control, transparency, and measuring attribution. Data speed freaks are quickly aggregating DMPs and building cookie pools while wrestling with third-, second-, and first-party data. Similar to planning to run the NYC Marathon, brands and publishers need to determine goals, KPIs and business objectives. Brands that do not train (or in the case of programmatic and big data: do not test, …
  • How To Price Programmatic Inventory
    Pricing programmatic inventory -- be it display, video, mobile, or social -- can be more complex than it might at first seem. There are plenty of cost models, from CPM, eCPM (electronic CPM), dCPM (dynamic CPM), and on and on, but all too often we fixate on these models without ever looking at the price relative to the campaign's performance.
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