• Holiday Learning: What Do Mobile Advertisers Want?
    We have already witnessed how RTB is an ideal platform for brands to target mobile shoppers, but the heady statistics we are delivering for clients indicate how greater relevance and richer data sets can deliver greater value for the client.
  • Real-Time Bidding Myths Busted
    More and more publishers are contemplating the value of the real-time bidding (RTB) model, but concerns are keeping many from taking full advantage of it. Some publishers fear that with RTB, they are losing control over how access is being granted to their inventory, while at the same time potentially reducing ad quality standards. It's not surprising, given the fast-paced and often confusing nature of the space, that these misconceptions have been formed -- but they are misguided. The truth is, RTB can represent a meaningful addition to a publisher's monetization strategy. To do so, however, requires a clear distinction …
  • SafeFrames = Safer Environments In Programmatic Buying
    Just before year-end, the IAB opened up a new and very interesting initiative for public comment called SafeFrames. The reactions were just what you would expect. Some publishers love it because of the control it gives them over what data and how an advertiser can interact with their visitor, while some publishers hate it and the increased cost and complexity that it introduces. Advertisers also have two perspectives. On one hand, the SafeFrames initiative could potentially increase the availability of high quality inventory and dynamic inventory -- particularly across the exchanges -- but it might also limit the information that …
  • The Rise Of Programmatic Marketing
    There is a buzz afoot about the rise of programmatic media buying, or real-time bidding (RTB), but what is often overlooked is the broader -- and, in my opinion, more significant -- shift to programmatic marketing as a whole. But what does the word "programmatic" even mean?
  • Soon, There Will Be Fewer Seats At RTB Table
    Whenever I spend time with our friends working at SSPs or ad exchanges, I'm reminded of something: The cost to serve in RTB is a very big deal, and not very well understood. There's no question that RTB is the most efficient way to monetize inventory and the wave of the future for publishers. But consider the difference between ad buying five years ago vs. today's RTB-centric world. Five years ago, if you wanted to serve an ad, you sent a request to an ad server, that ad server sent back an ad, and that was pretty much it. Today, …
  • Winning The Election, A Million Impressions At A Time
    The tipping point of any technology surely must arrive when a mass audience is motivated by technology-driven behaviors that it does not even recognize. As digital marketers, we must pause and reflect on the recent U.S. presidential election and realize the victory that it represents for us. I am not speaking so much of the outcome, President Obama's re-election, but of the data-driven campaign that he and his team executed so brilliantly.
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