• Hulu's Move Into Programmatic Signals Change
    Hulu's recent announcement that it will move into programmatic buying for the first time, making some of its premium digital video inventory available this fall, is further evidence of Madison Ave.'s push to decouple audiences from content.
  • Programmatic Marketers Still Catching Up To Consumers On Mobile
    When it comes to where programmatic display ads are being served, new data from AppNexus reveals that marketers are still catching up to consumers on mobile devices. About two-thirds (64%) of the campaigns run on AppNexus' platform during Q2 2015 targeted desktop Web users, while 47% targeted mobile Web users and 32% attempted to reach mobile app users.
  • Does Programmatic Media Work? Prove It!
    As usage grows and as more people learn about how it works, brands are starting to question the true value of programmatic media. Lower viewability, higher ad fraud, and more remnant inventory relative to directly negotiated buys are a few sources for doubt. All these factors have caused some brands to question if programmatic media actually helps to drive conversions - or if conversions would have been there without it.
  • About Half Of Agencies 'Unsure' They Trust Programmatic
    Programmatic advertising is obviously top of mind for many in the digital ad industry, but not all ad agencies are convinced the technology properly executes ad buys. About half (46%) of agencies are "unsure" if they trust programmatic to execute ad buys, according to Strata's latest agency survey, taken during Q2 2015. That's a significant increase from the roughly one-third of agencies that said they weren't sure if they trusted the tech at the beginning of the year.
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