• Google Looks Into Your Brain And Figures You Out
    Google gets a social scientist to codify such behavior as "micro-moments": the times when one is using one's mobile device, multitasking, and vulnerable to marketing messages. It's up to Google advertisers, the company says, "to reach and influence those moments."
  • Fool Me Once: Facebook's Alluring Proposition
    A year after Facebook began its Instant Articles program, publishers are falling for the same ruse that propelled AOL in the '90s
  • Why Is Mode Media In Quiet Mode?
    Advertisers are flocking to Mode, a traffic and mobile magnet that's currently comScore's No. 10 digital media property, but it's absent from the NewFronts schedule this year,
  • Good Cop, Bad Cop: Google's Two Faces
    Media companies losing their lunch to Google had years to see it coming and today's news that Interpublic's Magna Global unit struck a $250 million "newfront" deal for Magna's clients to run on YouTube shouldn't come as a surprise.
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