• Conde Nast Dives In
    Evan Adlman, recently hired to head up programmatic advertising at Cond Nast, asserts its iconic brands and first-party data on consumers give it a huge advantage in the marketplace.
  • Content Discovery Platforms Rewrite Our Idea Of Media
    The the way Content Discovery Platforms are increasingly dominating media sites challenges the very idea of what media and publishing is.
  • Cost Per Engagement Pricing Gains Currency
    Are new forms of ad pricing -- CPE, CPA or CPI -- gaining ground in programmatic? Maybe.
  • Cleaning Up Ad Fraud
    Despite scary headlines that speak of $8 billion in fraud and junk and "stolen" inventory, the programmatic industry appears to be cleaning up its act.
  • Ad Blocking Gathers Strength In Unknown Numbers
    Industry sources assert that the penetration of ad blocking software may be much higher than some estimates - perhaps as high as 50% overall in the U.S. and up to 63% of Millennials.
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