• Great Marriage Or Messy Menage A Trois? Premium Inventory, RTB, Upfronts
    If there's one thing that all media sellers love, it's upfronts. Buyers commit a year to 18 months in advance to spend large amounts of money with specific companies, which now have a predictable revenue stream. Buyers have simplified their lives. Everyone wins. Or do they? Let's look at the three components:
  • Conde Nast's Alanna Gombert: Pioneer In Premium RTB (Real-Time Branding)
    Alanna Gombert may not think she's a pioneer, but she kind of is. Look at her job title: "Senior Director, Programmatic and Trading -- Cond Nast." How many premium publishing companies have entire teams dedicated to premium programmatic? How many people in this industry have a director-level title within those departments?
  • Retargeting Growing Pains
    Properly harnessed, site retargeting can be a fantastic marketing tool. Our problem today is that few brands and agencies seem to be getting the most out of their retargeting campaigns. Useless measurement techniques, inflated budgets, and excessive margins are undermining what should be a highly effective marketing technique.
  • Media6Degrees' Andrew Pancer Envisions Future Of Premium RTB
    You'd think that Media6Degrees' (m6d) Andrew Pancer would envision a future for premium RTB centered on targeting. After all, m6d, the company for which Pancer serves as COO, began as a social targeting play, and now leads with its ProspectRank(TM) platform, which delivers ads only to "your next best customers." But that's not what Pancer thinks at all. In fact, his view of what defines premium is far more focused on execution than any aspect of targeting. His vision for RTB's evolution is also broader than you'd think.
  • The Performance Attribution Of 'Programmatic'
    In my previous article, "The Problem with Programmatic," I discussed the importance of adopting universal standards across the advertising value chain, in order to continue adding value to brands. Today, let's take that one step further and discuss why certain attribution models wreak havoc on performance marketing campaigns.
  • Per Adomic, RTB Catching On With Premium Publishers & Global Brands
    I can't say I was beginning to lose hope, but many conversations I've had with premium publishers for this column were disappointing. Per those discussions, adoption of RTB seemed to be low among the top tier. So speaking with Gabe Gottlieb, co-founder and CEO of Adomic, was a tremendous relief. According to Gottlieb, premium publishers really are offering up their unsold inventory via RTB. "They may not admit it," he said, "but they're doing it. Why wouldn't they, rather than leaving it unsold?"
  • Premium Programmatic Isn't Premium Without Location, So PlaceIQ's Waiting In The Wings
    While PlaceIQ's location intelligence solutions for marketers are not available via exchanges yet, I think most of us look forward to the day the company enters that market. Chief Revenue Officer Tony Nethercutt sees premium private exchanges in the company's future -- but for now, they're direct only.
  • RTB: From Desktop To Mobile
    The increase of real-time bidding (RTB) spend on desktop has soared over the past few years, growing from $986 million in 2011 to an expected total of more than 3 billion in 2013. Targeting capabilities like site and search retargeting have helped marketers expand their reach, achieve more efficient pricing and ultimately a strong ROI.
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