• The Rise Of Audience-Powered DSPs
    DSPs have evolved and have become much better at targeting people than just buying media. This shift to a tool focused on audience targeting rather than operational efficiency has led to the birth of audience-powered DSPs. These DSPs are built on top of a publisher or vendor's proprietary first-party audience data as the primary mechanism for serving ads.
  • Can Programmatic Solutions Help Solve Agencies' Bandwidth Problem?
    For years the balance of workload versus scope of work has plagued digital agency teams. The strain is compounded as agencies invest in new skills to support client business in a marketplace where publishers' inventory and technology are restructuring for self-service. Programmatic services can help alleviate the day-to-day requirements for digital media planners, as well as support a different model for full-time employees and efficient workflows.
  • The Eye Of The Beholder (This One's A Beaut!)
    It's been a while since we checked in with the team at independent trading desk Accordant Media, so I was delighted when Founder-CEO Art Muldoon offered a scoop on the company's third-quarter marketplace report. The report has some key insights.
  • Transparency On Data Will Show Brands What Automated Buying Can Do For Them
    It's clear why agencies and publishers like automated buying -- but until brands get better transparency around data, the same cannot be said for advertisers.
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