• Sharethrough Sees The Future: Native, Scalable And Mobile
    At our Native and Content Marketing breakfast events earlier this year, Sharethrough's name came up again and again as a company that "gets" native advertising. Sharethrough works with publishers like Time Inc.and Forbes, and with brands including Coca-Cola, GE, Intel and Toyota. That's why I was excited to sit down with Chris Schreiber, the company's VP of marketing and communications.
  • The Next Phase Of Programmatic Buying
    Remember last year how "big data" took over the digital scene as everyone's favorite buzzword? This year we're all adding "programmatic" to our mainstay vernacular. Today, marketers are mastering the state of the art retargeting by using auctioned-based media to remind people to repurchase if it's been a while since they shopped, offer upsells, or deploy the classic "abandoned shopping cart" strategy. But what happens after everyone has mastered this type of strategic technology? The next big growth phase will be in mid- and upper-funnel targeting strategies (search retargeting is one of them). Not only will marketers look to ways …
  • Confessions Of Agency CTO: Ready or Not, Programmatic Future Already Here
    Dr. Hagen Wenzek, a leading technology consultant who spent more than a decade with IBM and was the CTO at IPG Mediabrands, has seen the future of how online ads will be bought and sold, and the crystal ball revealed a programmatic world to him. "The tsunami is already in sight," said Wenzek, founder of Freestyle Consulting. "You don't need to telescope any more to see it coming, so I don't think anybody has any time left."
  • Native RTB: A Long Way To Go
    Everyone's getting excited about the possibilities of sponsored content. It's no surprise, then, that companies Federated Media, OneSpot, and PulsePoint are gunning for a future where sponsored content is bought and sold at scale through the automated mechanisms and laser-focused targeting of programmatic RTB exchanges. Advertising that works at scale! It sounds great, but it's an extremely tricky endeavor. Currently, these ads are handcrafted units, the result of careful collaboration between publisher and advertiser, and thus completely antithetical to advertising at scale. So, how, exactly, do you automate sponsored content? In short, by changing it pretty drastically.
  • More Than A Trading Desk: Xaxis Takes On Traditional Media By Working Holistically
    The mission of Xaxis, GroupM's audience buying company, is to use data and technology to help advertisers reach and engage audiences at scale. GroupM is the largest buyer of media in the world; Xaxis is the largest audience buying company.
  • Managing The Profit Margin In Display Advertising
    What can retailers do to test and ensure their display campaigns are working? First is working with partners you trust. Without a basic level of trust in both parties to deliver on what they promise and offer, nothing will work. Second, and more pragmatically, a basic A/B test with exposed and control groups, using roughly 10% of the impressions towards the control provides enough data and insight to determine if a campaign is working profitably.
  • On The Rise: Undertone's Eric Franchi On IAB Rising Stars
    One thing Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone, and I have in common is our love for the IAB's Rising Stars ad units. We both believe that these oversized rich-media units are a stellar vehicle for brand advertising at scale.
  • Three Programmatic Tools To Consider That Are Flying Under The Radar
    Addressing a brand's image, reaching its target audience, or simply maintaining an existing base requires thoughtful direction as consumers consume more content on more devices and platforms than ever. Most of these mediums can be tapped in real time via programmatic buying and, managed correctly, will amplify campaign objectives.
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