• RTB Is Growing Up
    It was recently reported by Parks Associates that real-time bidding (RTB) accounts for 12% of total digital display advertising. While 12% may seem like a small percentage when you consider how much airtime the industry devotes to RTB, that 12% actually represents a roughly $800 million business. RTB is quickly moving beyond its infancy and into its adolescent stage of life.
  • Retargeting For Retailers
    Retargeting is a fairly simple concept. The goal is to turn potential customers into actual customers by bringing someone to your site who has shown an interest in your product or service. The practice has gained a following in recent years because it consistently drives sales and revenue. Increasingly, due to strapped media budgets, marketers are relying on retargeting to boost the bottom line. But here's the truth: While everything you know about retargeting is not wrong, it is likely incomplete.
  • Use An Analytic Approach To Choose An RTB Platform
    Due to the volume of data transactions between the demand and sell sides, systems have been developed to facilitate the buying process. These systems operate in real time and are defined as real-time bidding platforms (RTBs). With the rise of multiple RTBs, advertisers now have various options offering them the ability to cherry-pick any online impression and to bid accordingly. So now the real question is, how should an advertiser select the right RTB platform for a campaign?
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