• Three Myths About Programmatic Native
    There has been a lot of discussion about the merging of native advertising and programmatic buying since the launch of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) two years ago. With the creation of FBX, demand-side platforms (DSP) built support for creative metadata, such as headlines, thumbnails and the other categories that make up native ads. This was version 1 of programmatic native. Seeing the success of FBX, Web publishers began hypothesizing about how they could bring the same native RTB capabilities to their sites and applications outside of Facebook. With the IAB closing in on the ratification of OpenRTB 2.3, which will …
  • How To Evaluate Private Programmatic Deals
    I have written before about how programmatic private deals work. But the real question is: Are they worth it, and what's required for a private deal to make sense?
  • Born To Be Here: Programmatic Native
    How do programmatic and native both play in the same sandbox? One is automation, the other customization, which seem polar opposites. Let's step out of the sandbox,to create a perfect world of yin-yang media.
  • What I Learned About Programmatic From Buying Windows
    It's hard to think of many businesses older than companies that sell windows. So when I recently had to replace some of the windows in my home, I was struck with an unexpected insight: Some of our oldest and most fundamental sales principles are as relevant as ever in a programmatic world. Let's take a closer look at three of those fundamental principles:
  • How The Middle Layers Of Ad Tech Keep Fraud Alive
    When most people sit behind the wheel of a car, they only care that the car will get them to their desired destination. Few drivers think about the science behind the internal combustion engine and the process of turning gasoline into energy to move the tires. For years, the advertising buying model worked in a similar fashion. Brands sat down with their agencies and cared only about reaching their target and growing sales. They saw the ads on TV and in print, and that was satisfactory. Today, brands are forced to acknowledge that fraud has become a daily concern -- …
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