• Will Time Inc. Marry Into A Programmatic Pedigree?
    Time Inc. is reportedly considering some kind of deal with Yahoo, possibly a merger. But even Google doesn't dominate digital advertising the way Time Inc. has print, so acquiring anything like its former status seems a long shot.
  • Agency Strikes New Kind Of Unwired Deal: Step Toward Local Broadcast Programmatic
    In a precursor to a more programmatic solution, independent media services agency U.S. International Media has struck a new kind of unwired network television deal, combining the coverage of two of the nation's largest broadcast TV station owners -- the Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Broadcasting Co. -- into a one-stop, single invoice television buy guaranteed and posted on Rentrak's TV ratings, not Nielsen.
  • Accenture's Kevin Rettig: Let's Take A Collective 'Wait A Minute' On Programmatic
    Programmatic technologies seem to invite greater distrust and fraud into the advertising ecosystem, according to Kevin Rettig, senior manager, personalization & customer analytics, Accenture. So Rettig says the industry needs to take a collective "wait a minute" on programmatic.
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