• Spotify Targets Your Bathing Habits
    Spotify last week announced a partnership with AppNexus, Rubicon Project and The Trade Desk that will enable highly targeted Deal ID/PMP audio ads to serve to the 70-million, mostly young users of Spotify Free.
  • Google's Demographic Squeeze Play
    A Google claim that marketers are losing up to 70% of "potential mobile shoppers" by relying on conventional demographic suppositions is the kind of marketing ploy that only it could execute or even acknowledge.
  • Media's Secret Weapon In The War On Facebook
    We have to wonder if media companies aren't exploring micropayments and simply abandoning the ad-supported model because Google and Facebook so dominate programmatic buying.
  • Be Very Afraid, Facebook And Google
    News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson's claim that publishers would build "a powerful network" themselves to compete with Facebook shows once again that powerful CEOs have learned nothing.
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