• Target Google: How To Hit Customers Where They Shop
    It's long been a contention among the biggest programmatic ad platforms that they alone possess the best targeting ability, and Google wants you to know why.
  • Mobile Device Obsession Yields A Marketer's Paradise
    Increasingly mobile is taking over, according to the Influence Central 2016 Digital Trends Study, which has profound and powerful implications for programmatic advertising.
  • Looking For Innovation? Buy It.
    With its purchase of LinkedIn, Microsoft isn't just buying a company. It's buying 5,700 wired employees from every major online hotspot and a major improvement of its programmatic advertising prospects.
  • The Death Of A Thousand Cuts
    When a media property becomes an amalgam of clever native advertising and calculated content designed to keep young nonreaders reading, it also becomes bland and indistinguishable.
  • Naming Names: Anatomy Of An Ad Fraud
    Google/DoubleClick is publicizing an ad fraud they were not initially involved in because, they argue, the client made the terrible mistake of using an "open exchange."