• Goodbye To All That
    I'd like to summarize what I have learned over the past year, and process it through my experience covering media - and actually participating in the online revolution - over several decades.
  • Snap: Teenage Fad Or This Year's Silly Putty?
    Is Snapchat in trouble because it is a teenage fad or because it isn't big enough to compete with the Facebook/Google duopoly? Probably both.
  • Up To 80% Fraud? Business As Usual For Ad Tech
    Data intelligence platform Pixalate asserts that over half of connected TV and over the top (OTT) ad impressions served programmatically were fraudulent in the first quarter of this year.
  • Is Google's Chrome Going To Block Ads Or Not?
    Back on April 19, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google "is planning" to introduce an "ad blocking feature" for its Chrome browser. Since then, a rather conspicuous silence has prevailed.
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