• What Would Don Draper Say About Programmatic?
    When Don Draper was creating campaigns, whiskey-filled drink carts were clanking around advertising agencies, and making a brand a household name was the hallmark of a job well done. In 2014, that isn't necessarily the pinnacle of success. Brands and advertisers are now obsessed with reaching targeted audiences through programmatic ad buying.
  • For Programmatic To Matter, It Must Reach The SMB Level
    This has been a banner year for the practice of programmatic ad buying, with "the most dramatic growth and expansion" to date, according to eMarketer. It won't stop here, either -- forecasts show the market growing from $10 billion to $14.9 billion by the end of 2015. That's slower than 2014, but it's still nearly 50% in growth, and more importantly, it accounts for 55 percent of the display ad market.
  • Digital Marketing In 2015: Mobile, Data And RTB Hype
    As digital marketers plan and prepare for next year, here are some predictions on what to watch out for in 2015.
  • 10 Programmatic Predictions For 2015
    Real-time bidding and programmatic advertising change quickly -- which makes it especially tricky to make predictions about the future. But we always like a challenge. Here, then, are our 10 programmatic predictions for 2015.
  • Programmatic Gets Personal: What to Watch in 2015
    Trends don't emerge out of thin air each December, and I will simply be one of many making an educated but calculated guess at what is to come. That said, over the course of a year things can and do evolve dramatically. Programmatic, for example, has made enormous headway during 2014, and video advertising is no longer considered a separate "channel." Here are three movements that I believe will gain serious momentum in 2015, driving even more epic change.
  • Is RTB Killing the Creative Star?
    If video killed the radio star, is programmatic slowly killing the star creative director? Most creative agencies leverage the virtually unlimited canvas and interactivity available in rich media for their brands. Just last year, 75% of ANA executives surveyed said that rich media would play a larger role in their branding, But the reality is that much of this great creative is being shelved in real-time bidding (RTB) today, creating inconsistency for the consumer across RTB and premium campaigns. And as RTB commands more and more share of the overall pool of digital dollars, digital creative is forced to regress …
  • Fully In-house Tech Stack May Be Programmatic Pipe Dream
    At some point, marketing technology companies face a decision: license some existing product, or build it themselves. Almost regardless of company size, this is a near-constant question. Choose poorly and you'll soon end up with the dreaded "Frankenstack." Choose wisely and you can have a smoothly integrated system of licensed and internal subsystems more quickly and at lower cost than building everything in-house.
  • Six Flags: Mobile Ad Exchanges Are More Than Amusing To Brand Advertisers Now
    Mobile ad networks can specialize in in-app advertising, android, iOS, tablet-only, mobile video, and so on. This is a very busy space -- but few stand out as much as the top six who have planted their mobile flag and began to capture brand market share.
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