• A Look Into RTB's Quality, Ad Impressions, Data & Future
    In a recent panel at OMMA RTB in New York City, debates broke out over issues surrounding metrics, content, quality of inventory, and how the world of RTB has actually evolved.
  • Programmatic Premium: It's Already Here (Kind Of)
    It's the year of premium mobile, social, video cross-platform RTB! Oh, also: big data. With all the predictions for 2013 flying around, it can be easy to forget what we've already accomplished as an industry to date and what we still have to build. Each of the above pillars have some amazing companies tackling their respective challenges in innovative ways, and a lot of goals that were considered ambitious just a year ago have already been accomplished. One area also getting a lot of buzz is programmatic premium, and I think we're further along than a lot of folks believe.
  • The No. 1 Reason Why Companies Fail
    When a company goes out of business or sells at a discount to its last round of funding, spectators ask the obvious question: What happened? There are typically three possible explanations: wrong team, wrong market, or insufficient funding. While these are the most discussed causes, the list does not include the most common reason why companies fail, especially in digital advertising (a market that's growing like crazy): they do not sufficiently align their incentives with the incentives of their clients.
  • Secrets Of A Data Scientist: Five Strategies For Optimizing RTB Campaigns
    Campaign optimization is crucial for any RTB-driven campaign. However, with so many variables to consider, what are the most important factors that determine a successful campaign? To get to the bottom of the question, I interviewed Clement Chung, who holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and is the lead data scientist at Chango (full disclosure: I'm CEO of Chango). Below I outline his top-five optimization tips for RTB-based campaigns.
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