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Susan Manber

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  • SVP Executive Planning Director Digitas Health
  • New York New York
  • 10010 USA

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  • The Nuances Of Human Reality In Healthcare Marketing in Marketing: Health on 09/30/2016

    As we mark the 20th anniversary of DTC, while so much has changed in contemporary marketing strategy, the nuances of human reality are more important than ever to consider. Some of the most effective healthcare marketing cases are based on a simple insight where a small shift in perspective made a huge difference in impact. They have what a valued client once called "the rock in the snowball" - a simple, powerful idea that made you look at the brand in a fresh way.

  • Finding Humanity At The Intersection Of Health And Technology in Marketing: Health on 04/10/2015

    Over the last few months, there's been increasing excitement around the innovations in health tech. You know health tech is at critical mass when it hits center stage at SXSW, and the Apple ResearchKit introduction promises to bring together personal healthcare data from a huge proportion of the population. With all the hubbub around the latest innovations, it's important to identify the human stories at the center of the technology, which supports why the technology isn't only inevitable, but necessary.

  • The Benefit Of Experience in Marketing: Health on 05/09/2014

    I thought I knew something about oncology. After all, as the head of planning for a healthcare brand agency, I had helped to win and launch some significant new brands tapping into the emergence of biomarker testing and immuno-oncology. And just six months before, I had lost my mother to lung cancer.

  • Why Are Moms Hyperdigital? Hint: Baby's Health in Marketing: Health on 11/11/2011

    We've all seen the data. Moms, and new moms in particular, are the most digital-savvy audience. Moms are significantly more likely to have smartphones, blogs and Twitter feeds. Our media director calls this trend "baby down, power on." In fact, 90% of moms are online.

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