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Seraj Bharwani

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Seraj Bharwani is the Chief Analytics Officer of Visible Measures and responsible for thought leadership and consumer insights on branded content, social video, and shareable media.

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  • Debunking Earned-Media Myths in Video Insider on 03/11/2014

    You've probably heard the term earned media being tossed around a lot these day. It's all the rage in CMO offices the world over. For some CMOs, earned media is just another way to extract incremental media efficiencies through exposures above and beyond what it is that they've paid for. For others, it is a means to enhanced marketing effectiveness through consumer engagement. But for a large percentage of CMOs, earned media has remained a mystery or at least something that should not be relied on for predictable outcomes. It's time to debunk that myth. Earned media is not random. Far from the case, earned media is plannable and predictable.

  • BIG Game Video Online Shifts From Teasing To Storytelling To Real-Time Interactions  in Video Insider on 10/09/2013

    If you are going to make an investment of over $4 million for a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl 2014, your justification should in part be based on your return from online investments. Asynchronous and multiscreen content consumption is now the norm, so tying all your ROI expectations to one screen -- even if it is the biggest one in the household -- can't be prudent. But what can you do to get the best return on perhaps your biggest 30-second investment of the year?

  • The MVPs Of Super Bowl Advertising in Video Insider on 11/07/2012

    Advertisers planning on investing millions of dollars in the biggest advertising event of the year may be missing out on one critical metric. Our recent study has found that campaigns that promote content prior to game day generate, on average, nearly 600% more views than those that don't. As of last year, 20 advertisers waited until game day to release assets, missing out on millions of potential views. With this information in mind, as advertisers are planning Super Bowl strategies to stretch budgets as best they can, they need to decide what success means for their Super Bowl programs:

  • To Win Super Bowl 2012, Advertisers Have to Think Beyond The Game  in Video Insider on 01/24/2012

    It's crunch time for Super Bowl 2012 advertisers. Over the next few weeks they'll be meeting to tweak, massage, and optimize their non-trivial marketing investment coming up on Feb. 5. All of their months of planning, strategizing, and ideating, not to mention the millions of dollars spent on media and creative to capture the attention of 100+ million people, all come down to a very quick 30 to 60 seconds. The sad truth is that advertisers who plan to battle only for those 30 to 60 seconds on Feb. 5 have already lost the war.

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