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Larry Mickelberg

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  • The Dawn Of The Apple Watch Health Apps in Marketing: Health on 04/27/2015

    Despite that most of the people who have ordered an Apple Watch haven't received it yet, history tells us that when Apple gets into a new area of activity, big things happen. No wonder tech fans and stock pickers have been so excited about the Apple Watch. What is the watch going to revolutionize?

  • Healthcare And CES 2015 in Marketing: Health on 01/13/2015

    Once again, the Consumer Electronics Show has gathered together another bumper crop of high-tech wizardry. With over 4,000 registered exhibitors, the competition to get noticed over the three days of the show was intense. One big standout was the Oculus Rift headset that raised the experience of reality in Virtual Reality by several notches. Also turning heads, literally, was Samsung's 105" bendable TV that stretched screen technology into new areas. For more physically active tech aficionados there was Cambridge Consultants' Xelfex fitness shirt with optical fibers woven into the fabric, making it possible to model the wearer's movements on a computer screen - ideal for sports training.

  • Enhancing Marketing Effectiveness Through Healthcare Service Design in Marketing: Health on 05/30/2014

    The emerging discipline of service design is rooted in a new understanding: there is no such thing as isolated interactions between users, brand and the contexts in which the brand appears. Customers mentally meld all their fragmentary, moment-by-moment impressions of interactions together into one overall impression. Service design is about brand owners and marketers building a whole picture view and using it to create more valuable service experiences for customers. It's set to be a major force in healthcare, and in practical terms it can be envisaged in four stages.

  • Wearables: Function Over Fashion in Marketing: Health on 03/24/2014

    Thanks to buzz from places like CES 2014 and SXSWi, companies have a new quandary: what's our wearables strategy? The proliferation of wearable gadgets has unleashed a virtually infinite number of ideas, but the challenge is finding combinations that deliver a winning mix of Usability, Functionality and Benefits.

  • Digital Healthcare Virgins, Beware in Marketing: Health on 03/08/2013

    What will it take for the tech revolution to work its wonders on healthcare? Like most VC's these days, I, too, am betting the farm on digital technology transforming the whole sector, but I'm also certain that it will take more than inspired geeks in a garage creating killer apps.

  • What Tablets (Now) Mean To Healthcare  in Marketing: Health on 03/23/2012

    From launch to industry dominance in two years.

  • Pinteresting For Healthcare in Marketing: Health on 02/24/2012

    The inexorable visual trend on the Internet

  • Pharma's Digital Future in Marketing: Health on 01/27/2012

    Writing in the "New York Times" at the end of 2011, entrepreneur and former director of the M.I.T. Media Lab Frank Moss laid out a vision of what he called consumer health. It's a vision to link together a slew of technologies that are already developed and maturing.

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  • Wearables: Function Over Fashion by Larry Mickelberg (Marketing: Health on 03/24/2014)

    Thanks Jen. I think that adherence will be the killer app of these devices and combos. Whether it's the inception of an automated refill subroutine or even something as far-out as a triggered medication dose based on readings, it's coming. Also toying with the idea of what happens if you agree to get locked out of your phone for un-adherent behavior? You would have to confirm or have corroborating bio data to unlock? That might be a whole new kind of motivation...

  • Pinteresting For Healthcare by Larry Mickelberg (Marketing: Health on 02/24/2012)

    Thanks, Eileen. You'll note the post was directed at healthcare brands, rather than pharma, strictly speaking. With regard to legal concerns, the hand-wringing here is reminiscent of what we saw with the advent of everything from hyperlinks to Facebook. Any good counsel is going ensure brands operate within the bounds of the law and indeed, the same understandings that govern licenses and permissions apply in this medium as well. This may indeed limit brands' ability to participate to the extent that consumers do, but certainly not a reason "not to bother" from my perspective. The pace of communications change will continue to increase and unless we forcefully engage and problem solve on behalf of companies and brands, they will lose relevance at a time they can become even more embedded in their customers' lives.

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