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Dan Israel

Member since October 2007

  • Director, Product Management NCR
  • 4721 VERMACK RD
  • DUNWOODY Georgia
  • 30338 USA

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  • Physical Stores Stay Relevant in Marketing Daily on 06/09/2016

    A recent interaction reminded me why a physical store will always have a decisive role in creating positive customer experiences, particularly when returns are involved.

  • Responsive Design: When One Size Does Not Fit All in Mobile Marketing Daily on 02/22/2013

    Far from a panacea, responsive design needs to be deployed only when developers have a clear understanding of how their content is used across devices and situations and the bandwidth that is available, both to the user and your staff.

  • Retailers: Make Friends with Showrooming in Mobile Marketing Daily on 05/09/2012

    Retailers need to embrace rather than resist consumer 'showrooming' as an opportunity to help the buyer bridge real and digital worlds in the increasingly complex purchasing decision process. The 'Amazon effect' happens when the retailer fails to provide the right tools that customer really wants in the aisles.

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