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Eli Portnoy

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Eli is the CEO/co-founder of ThinkNear, a hyper-local mobile ad solution. He was a Senior Product Manager at Amazon and a successful entrepreneur before that. Eli has been named one of the "Top Young Entrepreneurs" by BusinessWeek and the "21st Coolest Young Entrepreneur" by Inc. magazine. He earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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  • Is 'Lat/Long' Getting It All 'Lat/Wrong?' in Mobile Marketing Daily on 10/18/2013

    Location reporting on mobile is often way off the mark, literally. Thinknear ran its own survey of ad impressions and found consistent discrepancies. Why is this the case, and what are the implications for marketing?

  • Hyper-Local & Mobile Data Demystified in Metrics Insider on 09/05/2012

    For the last decade hyper-local ads were the next big thing. Today, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and a maturing mobile marketplace, advertisers can reach consumers with a level of location granularity that enables a new form of storytelling. These types of campaigns are now real, but understanding the nuances of location data and the privacy implications are key to running a successful campaign. To understand these nuances, we have suggested four questions you should ask to make the most of hyper-local and mobile marketing opportunities.

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  • Missing the Target with Targeted Ads by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk on 01/28/2014)

    Amazing to see how the interest in location has exploded over the past year. We love to see the varying views and discussion topics. There is definitely a lot of location noise coming through the exchanges, much of which is of poor quality. Many networks and legacy players simply weren’t built to handle and understand the data. The industry as a whole is moving to programmatic RTB models, which spells huge opportunities for brands and agencies to connect with consumers by using location in a (very) scalable way. Scale isn’t the issue any more. The ability to deliver accuracy at scale matters most. The good news is that agencies and brands have a number of options today. Finding the right partners who deliver consistently and provide measurable ROI for campaigns is increasingly vital.

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