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Michael Beach

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  • The Top Ten 'Worst Places to Live' in Marketing: Politics on 10/07/2014

    The upcoming midterms are a great demonstration of the bipartisan waste and inefficiencies in traditional television ad buying methods. Since Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs) don't align with many political districts, many places in the country are (or are about to be) swamped in campaign ads - from neighboring states. In some cases, campaigns spend up to 80% of their TV dollars in geographies out of their districts, to households that legally can't vote for them. With this in mind, we've broken down the top ten DMAs by broadcast spending, identifying which parts of these top DMAs fall outside state lines and naming these places the "worst places to live" in the coming months, thanks to the blast of irrelevant campaign ads.

  • Go Their Way: Reaching Likely Voters With Unpredictable Habits in Marketing: Politics on 07/01/2014

    On both ends of the media consumption spectrum sit two groups: those that gather news and information exclusively from live TV, and those who forsake live TV almost entirely for internet content. Great solutions for reaching both groups already exist, and a solid campaign's media plan should offer solutions to reach both blocs of likely voters.

  • Despite Big Data, Keep An Eye On Individual in Marketing: Politics on 05/28/2014

    Major campaigns now have (or claim to have) any number of "big data" capabilities, from digital voter files to extensive email lists and targeted digital advertising using third party data. Collecting data is valuable and necessary to campaign efforts, but after collection comes action.

  • Sharp Targeting Relies On Quality, Not Quantity in Marketing: Politics on 05/06/2014

    Thanks to the mass-market adoption of digital devices and a fragmenting media landscape, the viewing habits of the likely American voter are harder to predict than ever before. Now, the majority - more than 50% of us, in fact - fall into a category that presents a significant challenge to advertisers used to traditional media buying plans.

  • Persuasion Is Not Measured By Clicks  in Video Insider on 04/09/2013

    Americans love post-election scuttlebutt, and there is no shortage of pundits eager to fill the demand. The marketing community in particular enjoys dissecting major elections, assessing what worked and what did not to see if there are implications for their brand. One takeaway from the 2012 election that made the rounds recently is that the Obama for America outspent Romney for President on display advertising. While this is interesting, marketers could draw the wrong conclusions from this data.

  • If 2008 Was 'Youtube Election,' What Is This? Answer Might Surprise You in Video Insider on 10/31/2012

    In 1964, the first political attack ad -- the infamous "Daisy" spot against Barry Goldwater -- only ran on a handful of broadcast television stations, and only for one day, but the effects were felt throughout the entire campaign. Gone are the days when political advertising was that simple.Every Presidential election since has seen big leaps in marketing tactics with each cycle, whether it was the first, issue-oriented websites that launched in 1996, or Barack Obama's domination of earned media in 2008 that was helped along by a steady stream of content on YouTube, email blasts and text messages.

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