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Janet Balis

Member since August 2013

Janet Balis is a partner/principal at EY, leading the strategy consulting practice for the media & entertainment industry. She joined EY from key executive roles including Partner, Betaworks; Publisher, The Huffington Post; Head of Sales Strategy, AOL; and EVP Media Sales and Marketing, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Balis is on the boards of PRX, the International Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Advertising Women of New York. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Columbia College.

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  • 7 Questions To Drive Media Company Ad Revs in MediaDailyNews on 05/24/2016

    As media companies contemplate this moment of unprecedented disruption, they juggle critical issues, such as the balance of creativity and data, the tension between humans and automation, and transformation of the business.

  • Leveraging Disruption In The Media Industry in MAD on 05/01/2014

    Instead of being threatened by consumer openness to multiple content sources, media brands - both new and old - will need to wholly embrace and enable the full spectrum of content models, connect with dynamic new talent and reap the benefits of timeliness and relevancy. Monetization is now bifurcated, replacing the former full advertising spectrum. Media organizations must take steps now to retain their top talent for strategic, premium selling while investing in data and technology, and consumer revenue streams should be aggressively cultivated by bolstering direct marketing capabilities.

  • Developing A Real-time Strategy In The Age Of Twitter in Publishing Insider on 03/21/2013

    Brands are unquestionably shifting to "real-time" marketing. For some, this means accelerating from "brand as publisher" to "brand as newsroom." The word "newsroom" conveys the commitment to high-quality storytelling and the urgency required to keep pace with the social landscape.

  • Content Marketing's Revolution: From One-Offs To Continuous Storytelling in Publishing Insider on 02/07/2013

    Content marketing is not a new tactic. From the days of advertorials in print, to content hubs built by online publishers, to brand integration within programming on television and digital media, brands have long recognized that content can often be more powerful than advertising to deliver a story. But content marketing is undergoing a revolution as brands move beyond "one-off" executions to full-blown continuous storytelling. When a brand is in a position to capitalize -- in real-time -- on the lights going out at the Super Bowl, we've reached a new level of marketing agility and impact.

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