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TJ Person

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  • CEO Koupon Media
  • Frisco Texas
  • 75034 USA

TJ Person, CEO and founder, is notably one of two entrepreneur advisors for Startup America in Texas and was awarded Dallas 40 under 40 in 2012. Person is a seasoned entrepreneur with 15+ years of mobile experience, notably as co-founder and president of Mango Mobile. In 2005 Mango Mobile raised $1.5 million and after 2 years as the fastest growing mobile marketing company Omnicom Group acquired it in February 2007. TJ spent several years with Omnicon where Mango continues as a leader in the mobile space.

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  • Three Ways Apple Pay Makes Mobile Offers More Relevant Today Than Ever Before  in Mobile Insider on 09/25/2014

    For the past three years, marketers have been introduced to the advantages of highly targeted mobile offers. But that will be nothing compared to what is coming. Apple Pay brings mobile convenience to the point of purchase, which is an enormous game-changer in the retail world. Its widespread use will allow retailers and brands to push offers the minute customers are checking out and redeem them digitally onsite, making offers highly trackable, immediate, and relevant.

  • Mobile, Wearables, Ingestibles, Oh My! in Marketing Daily on 01/02/2014

    The "Internet of Things" shifts to "Internet of Me" as we continue to personalize. With the Internet of Things, the general idea is that everything will soon have sensors -- our homes, cars, and cities will "talk" to each other, making our lives more efficient. Let me shift to the Internet of Me, which makes a lot of sense, especially when thinking about being a fairly active consumer. I believe we are headed toward a world where we can expect services and deals that fit our precise needs.

  • What Is Your Personal Data Worth? in Marketing Daily on 10/08/2013

    Typical desired demographic information has surpassed gender, age, and income level, and now includes millions of details about our personal tastes, values, opinions, habits, and specific routines. Not only can advertisers generally target us, they can take advantage of GPS and other location-aware and time-aware services that know where we are, and when. advertising. So what is your personal information wort

  • The Future of Mobile Advertising: Targeted, Dynamic, Engaging in Mobile Marketing Daily on 08/02/2013

    The future of mobile advertising has everything to do with context, location and extreme personalization. Marketers have the ability to target, engage and offer in-the-moment value, sharing deals and coupons when shoppers want them.

  • The New Personal Experience Economy in Marketing Daily on 08/12/2013

    The personal experience economy -- where we leave clues about all kinds of information about our daily lives -- offers advertisers ways to pester us less and help us more.

  • The Omnichannel Dilimma: Unify Your Marketing Strategy in Mobile Marketing Daily on 03/22/2013

    In today's world of efficient technology, there is no need to struggle with an approach that is not unified. An overall platform-approach across all media will help solve some of the issues marketers experience when communicating directly to customers, and a platform approach will solve deeper problems, such as data analysis for efficiency and security. Here are a few things to consider when implementing a unified-channel approach.

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