• Zuckerberg Speaks
    After what seemed like an eternity, Mark Zuckerberg finally addressed the Cambridge Analytica controversy on Wednesday. Explaining the prolonged silence, Facebook's embattled CEO said he was busy trying to understand "exactly what happened," and how to prevent similar abuses going forward.
  • No Surprise: Study Shows Lack Of Diversity In Coder Community
    From mobile developers to designers to data scientists to product managers to system administrators: these are the folks who make the mobile world go 'round. While not always pretty, Stack Overflow's annual developer study paints the clearest picture imaginable of this influential lot.
  • Social Platforms' Brand Influence Fading
    Among younger users, Facebook's flagship app has been losing ground for years. We all knew that, yet the rate at which this trend is occurring is startling. Over the past year alone, connecting with brands via Facebook fell from 52% to 40% among younger millennials (17 to 27 years old), and from 48% to 33% among older millennials (28 to 38).
  • How Brands Are Behaving On Snapchat
    What's your competition up to on Snapchat? Sure, swiping around the app can offer some clues, but MediaRadar took a more methodical approach by analyzing the activity of 397 brands from last November through this past January.
  • Mobile And Programmatic: A Growing Relationship
    Despite eight consecutive quarters of growth, mobile private marketplaces (PMPs) show no signs of slowing down. In fact, from the fourth quarter of 2016 to the same period in 2017, mobile PMPs' monetized impression volume increased by 37%.
  • Do Dating Apps Need Valentine's Day?
    How are people hooking up these days? As a happily married man, I haven't a clue. Fortunately, Leanplum lent me some research, which paints a clear picture of how folks are finding love digitally in 2018.
  • Personalized Mobile Messaging: Game-Changer? Q&A With Attentive's Brian Long
    "Brands that adopt personalized mobile messaging will see powerful results, delivering nearly 100% open rates and upwards of 30% click-through rates," said Attentive CEO Brian Long, after announcing a $13 million Series A investment led by Bain Capital Ventures.
  • Awaiting Fourth Quarter Metrics, Snap Presents Uneven Picture
    What effect has Snapchat's big redesign had on ad partners? We'll have a pretty good idea when Snap reports fiscal fourth quarter earnings next Tuesday.
  • Brands Pump More Money Into Smarter Ads
    For example, among Nanigans' ad clients, the share of total ad spend dedicated to dynamic ads increased by 135% from the fourth quarter of 2016 to the fourth quarter of 2017. After comparing data from the same advertiser set, the ad software firm found that spending on dynamic ads increased by nearly 300%, year-over-year.
  • Media, Entertainment Apps Boast Triple-Digit Growth
    Entertainment upstarts are spending mountains of cash on original content. Netflix, for one, spent about $6 billion on fresh fare last year, and plans to pump upwards of $8 billion into new shows this year. While it's too soon to tell whether Netflix's strategy will pay off, it sure as heck is generating a ton of interest in entertainment apps.
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