• Mobile Overtakes Mail As Top Local Ad Medium
    The big factors were COVID, the overall rise of "digital," and greater acceptance of mcommerce.
  • Verizon Bringing Fans Closer To Live NFL Action -- Is That Live Enough?
    Since the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband has been live in select parts of 25 stadiums.
  • The Monkey In Your Pocket
    iPhone users dramatically underestimate the time they spend on the device, and how often they use it -- but actual data shows use is often compulsive.
  • Third-Party Data Issues Make SMS Marketing More Attractive
    Data collected through explicit upfront consent and ongoing interaction via the under-used SMS channel could be one efficient route to building an engaged first-party digital audience as Apple's mandatory online tracking opt-in kicks in and cookies phase out.
  • Next New Thing In Mobile Marketing: The Phone?
    A new report from Neustar recommends marketers rebuild consumer trust by using "branded calling" techniques.
  • Mobile In-Game Advertising Grows -- But Expect Some Changes
    The good news, according to a Singular report, is that top gaming companies can still pull on average 28 or more advertising partners a month
  • Despite Better Than Expected Tracking Opt-In Rates, iOS Continues To Lose Share To Android
    Three months into Apple's enforcement of its App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework, there's some good news and bad news on its impact.
  • Report: Ads From Major Platforms, Brands Support Piracy -- And Apps Are Now Driving The Threat
    Google, Facebook and Amazon--- and to a lesser extent other Fortune 500 brands -- helped drive an estimated $1.34 billion to sites and apps distributing pirated movies and TV shows, and ads on apps are growing fastest, says a new report.
  • The Mobile Medium Is Not The Message: It's Much, Much More
    I know this will sound like heresy to readers of "Mobile Insider," but I don't believe mobile is a medium, per se. Rather, it's an enabling technology.
  • Are Viewers Still Watching TV Shows On Mobile?
    At the start of the pandemic, a survey of 5,002 people showed 30% could be found watching a TV show on their mobile devices weekly.
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