• Google Beats Facebook In Global App Downloads
    Google's strong showing points to the increasing prominence of video-based apps, including the new Disney+ service, launched last quarter.
  • Led By App Store, Apple's Services Log Their Biggest Year Yet
    App Store sales jumped 16% between Christmas and New Year's Eve alone, raking in a record $1.42 billion, Apple reports.
  • Huawei Predicts Next Year Will Be 'Difficult'
    The Chinese telecommunications giant is reeling from the U.S. government's decision to blacklist the company in May.
  • TikTok Owners Could Sell Stake In Company
    For parent company ByteDance, giving up some control is perhaps a way to alleviate security concerns among U.S. policymakers.
  • App Retention Rates: 30% Up In Finance Category, Down In Utilities
    AppsFlyer found retargeting to be a particularly effective way for app makers to increase retention rates.
  • Twitter Backs Open-Source Internet Standard
    "The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard," CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday.
  • Advent Of 5G To Advance Broadband -- But Maybe Not Smartphone Sales
    Fewer than 60% of consumers plan to buy a new smartphone in the next two years, according to report.
  • Facebook Bolsters Brand Safety Features
    Among select advertisers, Facebook is also beginning to test publisher "white lists" for Audience Network and in-stream ads.
  • Facebook Launches Payment System Spanning Its Platforms
    Potentially riling privacy advocates, Facebook does plan to track users' Pay activity as a means of targeting content and advertising across its platforms.
  • Facebook Exposes User Data To Apps Developers
    There's no evidence to suggest exposed data was exploited by developers, but that might not be enough to reassure concerned users and privacy advocates.
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