• Audio Ads Aim To Offer A Less Intrusive Mobile Gaming Option
    AudioMob's reward-based audio gaming ad format, still in beta, is already being used by by brands including Amazon, Dell and McDonald's, and has been incorporated into games from Kwalee and 9th Impact.
  • Welcome To My 'Parler,' Said The Spider To The Flies
    Platforms like Twitter have shown real vigilance to slow the spread of disinformation -- which may fuel an exodus of users to even more unsavory places.
  • It's 2030: How Many TV Shows Did You Watch On Mobile? Answer: All
    5G mobile technology -- in its fullest state --- can replace all cable, satellite, telco, and broadband wiring coming from the outside in the home.
  • Apple's 25/65 Rule
    Apple has a 25% share of the mobile OS market, but controls 65% of app revenues -- interesting stats as federal regulators look at antitrust implications of Big Tech.
  • Q&A: Appnovation's Scott Wassmer On What 5G Means For Brands
    Brands will have unprecedented opportunities to create immersive experiences, but consistency is likely to be a challenge in the short term, says this digital agency executive.
  • The Next Big Mobile Media Battle Will Be Inside The Home
    Almost no medium is more associated with reaching people outside their homes than mobile, but that may change soon.
  • Your Mobile Device, Your TV Remote: Companions Or Frenemies?
    One 2019 estimate by Mary Meeker, internet trend analyst, said roughly 90% of Americans keep a phone close by while watching TV.
  • The Medium Is The Messaging App
    Add A2P to the growing list of important media technology acronyms: application-to-person, a catch-all for peer-to-peer messaging apps.
  • Mobile Commerce To Hit New Highs This Holiday Season
    All ecommerce sales, and mcommerce in particular, are expected to see accelerated growth due to consumer concerns about shopping bricks-and-mortar during the COVID pandemic.
  • What 'SUMID,' 'VID' And Rest Of Cross-Media Framework Means For Mobile
    It is designed to be future-proof measurement, dealing with both tech business models and with self-regulatory changes that have undermined third-party cookies.
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