• Feeling A Little Baudy
    As someone who first got online with a 1200 baud modem, I marvel at the speed of connectivity we all have now in our hands. According to research released this week, the average U.S. 5G connection is now 35 Mbps. That's 29,167 times faster than the dial-up modem I first used to get online.
  • Mobile App Advertising Up 14% To $336B In 2022, Non-Games Apps Drew 65%
    The mobile app for Disney+'s new ad-supported plan now accounts for 9% of its total U.S. in-app iOS app purchases.
  • The Top Joke On Earth Yesterday
    "Yep, that was insane, sorry," @elonmusk tweeted after his heavily hyped "Spaces with Ron DeSantis" failed to launch and he had to host the event from someone else's account, noting his attempt "basically broke the Twitter system."
  • Montana Governor Signs First TikTok Ban
    Montana's governor Greg Gianforte signed the country's first TikTok ban on Wednesday.
  • Why Your Next Text May Be Your Last
    Turns out that marketers messaging to consumers is a lot like PR people pitching "Mobile Insider" columnists. Neither of us like getting them via SMS.
  • Privacy Update: ATT Opt-In Rate Now Up To 29%
    The opt-in rate for Apple's consent scheme was 25% a year ago. Within gaming apps, it's jumped to 36%.
  • Guess Which Device Has Supplanted Computers As The Go-To For Email?
    Well, this is a "Mobile Insider" column, isn't it? But the real surprise isn't that it's mobile devices, but the reason why consumers have made the shift.
  • New Health Privacy Bill Restricts Mobile Ads In Washington State
    Companies may soon be prohibited from using geotargeting techniques to send ads to anyone within 2,000 feet of facilities providing health care services in Washington state
  • A Mobile Tale Of Two Trade Associations
    When it comes to the IAB, mobile is driving overall digital growth. When it comes to the MMA, mobile is almost impossible to find.
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