• Why Spyware, Drones And RFID Implants Are No Solution For The Erosion Of Identity Tracking
    Mobile ad execs act like the deprecation of consumer trackers is an existential threat, so I would suggest to them: Be realistic.
  • Advertisers Say Podcasts Of Growing Importance, Though Measurement Problematic
    Podcasts are ranked among the top media for brand safety and other branding factors, but sales impact less than clear due to reporting challenges, finds recent independent survey.
  • Podcasting Is Putting The Sizzle Back In Radio -- Er, I Mean Audio -- Advertising
    So an increasing share of audio ad spending will be attributed to smartphones, headphones and other mobile devices.
  • Watching Mobile Videos Outside The Home: Go Long, Go Quickly, Go 'Premium'?
    According to a recent poll, 43% of mobile users watch "videos" (no mention of length) while also watching programs on their TV sets.
  • How We Went From Magic Cookies To The Art Of Misdirection
    While many consumers have some implicit knowledge why digital identity trackers exist, most don't understand what the explicit value exchange is.
  • Pervasive Second-Screen Habit Opens CTV Opportunities
    76% of smartphone users 16 and older across eight countries, and 83% in the U.S., use their phones while watching TV, translating to a huge potential audience for cross-device interactive marketing.
  • Don't Worry, Be Unhappy
    The most unhappy app environments are -- in this order -- social, utility, news and games (tied), according to a recent survey.
  • An Amazon/Dish Network Wireless Service? Who's Worried?
    According to a report, "Amazon is likely to start a test outside the U.S. for a potential mobile wireless phone service."
  • Is That A Couch In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Glad To Stream Me?
    Of all the ethnographic research about how people's media behaviors have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, I find mobile to be one of the most interesting, and enlightening. Not because it exposed any new epiphany, but because it reaffirms an ongoing development I believe defines mobile as a medium: It's not one.
  • Casual Games: Big User Bases But Modest Time-Spent, Consumer Spend
    Marketers need to tailor their approaches based on the reach-versus-engagement differences in casual versus core games.
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