• Pinterest Opens Content Marketing To Influencer Platforms
    Per the change, brands can expect more visibility into various stats like monthly views, followers, impressions, click-throughs and "saves."
  • Google, Samsung Will Bring RCS To Android Phones
    Challenging Apple and its iMessages, Google and Samsung are expanding their joint efforts to streamline messaging across Android-powered devices.
  • In-App Ad Spend Rises
    Driven by consumers' growing preference of app versus mobile browsers, mobile advertisers are increasingly leveraging in-app private marketplaces (PMPs).
  • A More Vulnerable Instagram Rolls Out Security Features
    Instagram was recently the target of what appeared to be a coordinated hacking operation that locked some users out of their accounts.
  • It's True -- Many Teens Trying To Cut Back On Phone Use
    And roughly 90% of teens in a new Pew survey see spending too much time online as a problem facing people their age!
  • Twitter Gives Promoter Of Mass Violence A 'Time Out'
    A week after defending Alex Jones, Twitter is reconsidering its support of the rabid media menace.
  • Twitter Stands Apart, Standing By Alex Jones
    This week, all but one of the industry's top mobile platforms took a stand against Alex Jones and his endless exploitation of the First Amendment.
  • Market Saturation, Climbing Prices Weaken Global Smartphone Picture
    Despite Apple's strong earnings performance, new data released this week suggests that the global smartphone market continues to sag. Worldwide, smartphone makers shipped a total of 342 million units in the second quarter -- representing a 1.8% annual decline, the International Data Corporation reports.
  • Personalized Mobile Messaging: Game-Changer? Q&A With Attentive's Brian Long
    "Brands that adopt personalized mobile messaging will see powerful results, delivering nearly 100% open rates and upwards of 30% click-through rates," said Attentive CEO Brian Long,
  • Mobile App Ad Fraud Can Cost Brands Up To $75M
    It's no secret that mobile ad fraud is a massive problem. Less clear are the specific channels and brands being impacted, and to what degree. This past week, the ad fraud specialists at Pixalate helped me see this space with a bit more precision:
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