• Another Blow For Reality: Metaverse Apps Forecast To Hit $1.6B In 2022
    Social, entertainment video and crypto and other fintech apps will also see continued robust growth, forecasts App Annie.
  • Buy This Real Estate, Because They Actually Are Making More Of It -- On Your Phone
    Like Twain's famous quote about real estate, the value of media has historically been governed by its supply. Not anymore.
  • Watching TV Shows On The Phone? Sounds Crazy, But A Continuing Trend
    In a recent survey from Branded Research, 50% of Americans said they regularly use their mobile phones to watch streaming TV.
  • Why Apple's Next New Privacy Feature Could Wreak Havoc For Geotargeting
    Performance marketers will want to keep an eye on how Apple promotes the new feature, dubbed private relay, because it could leave them in the dark.
  • Globally, 55% Of Consumers Watch Streaming Services On Phones
    Somewhat predictably, the percentages using phones for streaming decline incrementally with age, with just 27% of boomers reporting the behavior.
  • Mobile Overtakes Mail As Top Local Ad Medium
    The big factors were COVID, the overall rise of "digital," and greater acceptance of mcommerce.
  • Verizon Bringing Fans Closer To Live NFL Action -- Is That Live Enough?
    Since the start of the 2021/2022 NFL season, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband has been live in select parts of 25 stadiums.
  • The Monkey In Your Pocket
    iPhone users dramatically underestimate the time they spend on the device, and how often they use it -- but actual data shows use is often compulsive.
  • Third-Party Data Issues Make SMS Marketing More Attractive
    Data collected through explicit upfront consent and ongoing interaction via the under-used SMS channel could be one efficient route to building an engaged first-party digital audience as Apple's mandatory online tracking opt-in kicks in and cookies phase out.
  • Next New Thing In Mobile Marketing: The Phone?
    A new report from Neustar recommends marketers rebuild consumer trust by using "branded calling" techniques.
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