• Consumers Choosing More News Content Now
    Those turned off by offensive content say it's more likely to come from users' social media posts than news sites.
  • Paid App Installs Rise, Mid-Core Games Enjoy Massive Growth
    Many marketers plan to continue pumping more ad dollars into mobile this year, per the latest app trends report from Adjust.
  • Facebook Adds More User Controls Of Facial Recognition
    Example: If users turn on the face-recognition setting, they'll get an alert when anyone uploads a photo of them, with or without a tag.
  • Academic Research On Social's Effects On Elections Stymied By Facebook
    The Social Science Research Council is accusing Facebook of jeopardizing an existing data-sharing initiative.
  • Study: 3 Google Properties Top List Of Most Valuable Apps
    Most consumers surveyed would only shell out $4.20 per month for YouTube --- and that's more than any other app on the market.
  • Twitter Lets Users Tailor Feeds By Topic
    Using its own machine-learning technology, Twitter plans to determine what tweets belong in what topic categories. It intends to eventually offer an infinite array of topic feeds.
  • 40% Of Back-To-School Shoppers Use Smartphones For In-Store Research
    But 38% still plan to shop in physical stores as well as online, per an AdColony study.
  • Spotify: Paid Subs Up 30%, But Misses Analysts Expectations
    Spotify said its student-focused product failed to attract as many paid subscriptions as anticipated.
  • Will New FTC Restrictions Really Transform Facebook's Practices?
    CEO Zuckerberg claims a fundamental restructuring will turn Facebook into a 'model for the industry' in protecting user data. But many are more than a bit skeptical.
  • Snap Inc. Extends Sales Partnership With Baidu
    Advertisers purchasing media through Baidu now have access to all of Snapchat's ad formats, including Snap Ads, Story Ads, augmented reality Lenses and Filters.
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