• Pandemic Putting Mobile Advertising In Spotlight
    Due to the pandemic, mobile's share of global ad spending reached 51% by the end of the first quarter, according to PubMatic.
  • Ecommerce Apps Returning To Pre-Pandemic Health
    Ecommerce app installs trended down 12% week-on-week through March 2020, with a decrease in paid installs of 35% from March through the beginning of April,
  • Match Group Adding Video Chat To Apps
    Perhaps paving the way for other Match-owned apps, Tinder is expected to add a video chat feature some time this year.
  • Spotify: Pandemic Altering App Usage Patterns
    As the pandemic persists, people report relying more on audio to counteract their increased levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Should Mobile Marketers Rethink Consumers' Age Differences?
    A new report, "How Consumer Age Impacts Mobile Behavior," found more similarities than differences between the generations.
  • Can Fintech Find Its Way Amid Global Pandemic?
    "Finance app marketers should consider incentivizing users with campaigns that offer support in uncertain times," according to study.
  • Prominent Figures Filling Apps With Fake News
    Researchers found misinformation from prominent figures made up 20% of the claims in their sample, although it accounted for 69% of total social media engagement.
  • Mobile Activity Surges As Consumers Seek Distraction
    Average weekly time spent in apps and games on Android phones grew 20% year-over-year.
  • Is Ailing Twitter A Canary In Industry's Coal Mine?
    The mobile giant said it was now expecting a slight decline in revenues year-over-year.
  • Government Eying Smartphone Data To Track COVID-19
    U.S. officials are currently in talks with tech leaders like Facebook, Apple, and Google, which could assist in tracking people's whereabouts using their phones' location data.
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